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July 1, 2009 // 12:07 am - I wanted to avoid to release PS3 HDD Studio since I think that every public hack tool will turn into a hole fix if it's fixable.

My opinion is that until we find a definitive hack we should keep our studies private since most probably there would be a fix.

By the way since a similar tool has been released yesterday I think mine could be releases since there is no point into keeping private anymore (the methods used is the same KnightSolidus discovered some time ago).

Download: PS3 HDD Studio v2.08

Below I wrote some note on how this tool should be used, these notes cover few options, I don't have time to write down a good tutorial :P


• Everytime you install a new version of firmware you should create 2 merged backups of the HDD used to encrypt/decrypt):

• It's suggested to use 2 Hdd, one to be used only to decrypt/encrypt thw dummy and the other one that contains the data you
wants to encrypt/decrypt. You can use 1 Hdd only but it would require more time.

• First of all you have to Prepare your littler Hdd and to create a dummy file. Follow the #PREPARE HDD# section.


• 00 The Hdd (use Prepare Hdd section), it's better you use a little hdd to do such operations. Warning, your HDD will be FORMATTED! be CAREFULL to chose the right one!

• Unplug the ethernet connection to avoid receiving network messages if you have the automatic login option enabled.

• Plug the hdd and turn on the console.

• Format the Hdd as requested.

• After the reboot Login with a user (if you have more than one) and always use selected one.

• Disable the Information Board.

• Turn Off the console normally

• Unplug the Hdd and create a merged Image (#FIND & MERGE# section) naming it: MasterImage_To_Encrypt_xxx.bin
(where xxx is the console FW version).

• Create a Dummy file, just leave the default size ad it is (2147483648), browse to your pendrive and click "Create Dummy File".

• Copy the dummy from the pendrive to the PS3 HDD (in Music section) and create a merged Image (#FIND & MERGE# section) naming it: MasterImage+Dummy_To_Decrypt_xxx.bin (where xxx is the console FW version).

• Open MasterImage+Dummy_To_Decrypt_xxx.bin file in winhex and seek for a dymmy sector: it's easy to understand where dymmy starts,
all the dummy sectors are equals (1 sector = 512 bytes), you just have to seek the whole hdd scrolling it down until you see a repetitive pattern different from the initial one (a fast method is to go at the middle of the .bin file, there should be the dummy).

Note: Set Winhex this way: VIEW > RECORD PRESENTATION: put the 'v' in all 3 checkmarks, then fill these values:

"First Record at offset": 0
"Record size in bytes": 512

Remember to select a good background color in winhex options (Options > General) or you won't notice where a sector starts! This way each sector will be displayed in an alternate color.

• Create a Dummy Data Partlogs using #FIND & MERGE# chosing option "Find all HDD sectors starting with these 16 bytes".
You'll obtain a partlog dummy data, keep it cause it will be needed lot of times.


• This section allow you to create merged images and the related partlogs.

• To create a Merged Image select "Find an HDD sectors containing data different from 0x00, through all the HDD". Select a source disc. Select a partlog and image name. it will create 2 files, a .txt (that's the partlog) and a .bin (that's the merged image).

• To create a Dummy Data Partlogs select "Find all HDD sectors starting with these 16 bytes". fill the textbox with the first 16 bytes of a dummy sector. Select a source disc. Select a partlog name. it will create 1 .txt (that's the Dummy Data partlog)


• 00 an Hdd (use Prepare Hdd section) different than the one that you use to encrypt/decrypt (so a second one that could be big).

• Format it with ps3 and download the PSN data you want to decrypt (or install a game data package or whatever you want to see decrypted).

• Attach it to PC, go to Find&Merge and use the option "Find al HDD sectors containing dtata different from 0x00" you will obtain a partlog-DataToBeDecrypted.txt and a partlog-DataToBeDecrypted.bin, the last one is the data do be decrypted, already merged.

• Restore the MasterImage+Dummy_To_Decrypt_xxx.bin to an hdd that you will use only to encrypt/decrypt. to restore see the #RESTORE A MERGED IMAGE# Label below.

• In Decrypt Step 1 select the PS3 Hdd where you have just restored MasterImage+Dummy_To_Decrypt_xxx.bin. select the merged file obtained from the operation above (partlog-DataToBeDecrypted.bin) select the Dummy Data partlog obtained in #PREPARE HDD# section. Push Do process, the data will be copied in the hdd in place of the Dummy file.

• Now attach the Hdd that you just patched into PS3, copy the dymmy file from hdd to a Pendrive.

• Now attach the pendrive to the PC and select: "Decrypt Step 2":
browse to the Pendrive Dummy99.mp3. select the same merged file you selected in the step above. chose an output file, it's the decrypted result. select the Dummy Data partlog obtained in #PREPARE HDD# section. Push Do process, you will obtain a merged decrypted file.


• Restore the MasterImage_To_Encrypt_xxx.bin to an hdd that you will use only to encrypt/decrypt. to restore see the #RESTORE A MERGED IMAGE# Label below.

• In Encrypt Step 1:
browse to your pendrive root. browse to the merged data to be encrypted. Push Do process, the data will be copied in pendrive whit the right structure

• Now attach the Hdd that you just restore with MasterImage_To_Encrypt_xxx.bin into PS3. copy the dummy file from Pendrive to Hdd using your PS3.

• Turn off PS3 and detach the Hdd, then attach it to your PC.

• In Encrypt Step 2:
Select the Hdd with the dummy file. browse to the merged data to be encrypted. select the Dummy Data partlog obtained in #PREPARE HDD# section. Select the output file name and place. Push Do process, the data will be copied to your PC.

• Restore the Merged encrypted file using #RESTORE A MERGED IMAGE# section-


• In Expand data:
Select operation: Split parts and write them in a Physical Target Disk (ALL). browse to the merged data. browse to the merged data partlog. select your target disc. Push Do process, the data will be restored (expanded) in the selected Hdd.

NDT ;-)

PS3 HDD Studio 2.08 Available, Yet Another PS3 HDD Tool

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#69 - 472cid - October 22, 2011 // 3:39 pm
472cid's Avatar
Same thing i am wondering, i have a 60gb fat ps3 that red light of death and no one has been able to fix. I took good care of it and updated power supply to newer cooler aps226 and 19 blade fan and artic silver thermal transfer compound but it still suffered a failure.

i was niave and thought my ps3 would never fail and have no back ups. Could i use this to decrypt my hard drive from the ps3 and encrypt it to one of my other working 60gb ps3's?

I am a newb at this stuff and sony is no help recovering my info and no luck finding any one else to recover it so willing try it myself.

#68 - Grease1991 - August 17, 2011 // 9:26 pm
Grease1991's Avatar
Can this take my harddrive from my dead ps3 and back it up so i can take the stuff on it and put it on my new ps3 when i can get one so i don't lose all my stuff?? and if so how would i go about that. sorry if someone has already asked this.

#67 - Hedes - March 20, 2011 // 8:03 pm
Hedes's Avatar
Does anyone know how to retrieve save game data off the HDD using this program?

#66 - robbomb - October 2, 2010 // 8:58 am
robbomb's Avatar
Thank you for this! This tool saved my data's life!

#65 - BucN - August 15, 2010 // 11:52 pm
BucN's Avatar
does anyone know what the file sizes should be for the MasterImage_To_Encrypt_xxx.bin and the MasterImage+Dummy_To_Decrypt_xxx.bin ?

i'm only getting 177662kb bin files.

#64 - Cnor - July 9, 2010 // 5:17 am
Cnor's Avatar
Damn! i was already prepared for that answer anyway thanks

It is not possible at all i think to reach the savegame files?

#63 - DarkAntiMatter - July 9, 2010 // 5:15 am
DarkAntiMatter's Avatar
Correct me if i'm wrong, but I dont think it is possible. If your ps3 cannot read the disk, then you cant put a dummy file on the hard drive to decrypt the save games. So, probably not.

#62 - Cnor - July 9, 2010 // 4:59 am
Cnor's Avatar
Hai there!

I'm Cor from Holland, and i may be a pain

But is it possible that you help me out with something? i just had a question about HDD Studio, I plugged my PS3 hdd to my pc, verry stupid but yes i did, now my ps3 doesn't read it any more.

can i restore my savegames with Hdd studio back to maybe another hdd?

Thanx in advance!

Greets from Holland!!

#61 - Haseo32 - July 5, 2010 // 10:00 am
Haseo32's Avatar
Is there currently any way to somehow decompress or look at the files so we can edit these?

#60 - DaftVader - July 2, 2010 // 8:25 pm
DaftVader's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Nolzad0 View Post
yeah i am the real one and are they singles or doubles? lik 0A or just 0 or just A ??

Sorry, I've been away for a bit. They are doubles..