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February 28, 2010 // 2:34 pm - A new product called the Infinite USB Memory Device offers PS3 and XBox 360 owners with 'unlimited' storage.

According to IGN, the device essentially creates an ad-hoc wireless network which enables you to stream movies and so forth.

To quote: "Rather than storing a handful of gigabytes on each stick, the Infinite USB Memory device (IUM) stores zero gigabytes. Instead, it creates an ad hoc wireless network between your laptop and whatever other USB enabled device you want to connect to.

You can stream movies to your PS3 or Xbox 360, send images to your once non-wireless printer, or even transfer files between computers by making your whole hard-drive available on the network.

Best of all, there are no drivers to install - aside from a one-time "pairing" process that installs the awesomely titled "Infinite Portal" onto your computer - and it works with all operating systems."

PS3 Gets Unlimited Storage with Infinite USB Memory Device

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#17 - slugworth1987 - March 12, 2010 // 1:14 am
slugworth1987's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by inginear View Post
this is only useful if someone doesn't already have a router. as if you have a router and some semblance of a network already, you can do everything this device touts it can do, and more. this falls into the "to little, to late" category for me.

it does have its good points... it removes network traffic from the router think of it as a wired network between ur laptop and ps3/xbox while ur laptop and pc and xbox and psp and ds and other items are using ur wifi for broadband the laptop and ps3 can stream with better bandwidth to eachother

this would be usful for people with a big home network like in my case...

2 wireless routers, cable 8mb line with
2 ps3's
5 laptops
2 desktops
2 tv's
2 blueray players
1 360
2 DS's

ALL ON WIRELESS thats alot of traffic if i use the remote service on my psp to my ps3 i get nothing but lag on the internet service but if i use the adhoc network it creates i can stream seaminglessly to eachother io have done this in home btw using the internet option and videos are unwatchable in my case.

if you want to know why the wifi is so busy... we have 8 poeple living in then house and yes the garage has its own sub network for the media room pc's and laptops to allow internet access and music streaming on the network.

#16 - Frago - March 6, 2010 // 10:09 pm
Frago's Avatar
Nice, what is its price and anyone know if this will come to greece?

#15 - Jiroxy9986 - March 6, 2010 // 9:36 pm
Jiroxy9986's Avatar
Ooh wow this sounds rather amazing.. i wonder how they would employ that with the PS3 console i personally have a ps3 and install a lot of themes and Demos. Technology is really improving

I also wonder does this refer to storing data on your computer, or storing data on your ps3 because then I wouldn't find it too useful it was for storing on your computer. Storing on ps3 would be heaven!!

#14 - faxiu - March 6, 2010 // 9:04 am
faxiu's Avatar
There IS one big advantage that we should consider. My grandma could use it. What for, I don't know, but is user friendly as it doesn't need drivers and such or prior knowledge on the subject. Just stick it in and copy/backup.

And if this little thingy just wires the data, I suppose FAT or NTFS wouldn't matter.

#13 - ScarFace123 - March 2, 2010 // 12:54 pm
ScarFace123's Avatar
Guys, for streaming movies and music etc, PS3 media server and TVersity are just fine... BUT lets say you want to backup your ps3 and don't have a large enough external hdd formatted to fat32... this is a godsend If its cheap enough, I'm gonna get one for sure.

#12 - calebshanks - March 2, 2010 // 11:11 am
calebshanks's Avatar
It seems pointless for the PS3, tversity streams and I can search through file structure. think it would be handy if you just had a dvd player with usb input. Something like that with no streaming capability built in.

#11 - JesusFMA - March 1, 2010 // 10:52 pm
JesusFMA's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by santiago404 View Post
i don't think i see any BIG advantage on this... call me a noob if you like hehe

Noob!! .... LOL

Just Kidding bro, but you're kinda right, this thing has really no BIG advantage if it can't transfer data faster than 54Mbps (if your PS3 is connected Wireless) or 100 Mbps (if it's connected via a regular network cable).

I'd like to take a look at the spec. sheet just to see its transfer rate, but I guess it won't be as fast as the old and reliable cable.

#10 - santiago404 - March 1, 2010 // 9:57 pm
santiago404's Avatar
i don't think i see any BIG advantage on this... call me a noob if you like hehe

#9 - Pcsx2006 - March 1, 2010 // 4:34 am
Pcsx2006's Avatar
No doubt its would be great for me as i dont have a router must check and BOSS Thanks very much for sharing this as i'll definately buy this one.

#8 - mike1001 - March 1, 2010 // 4:29 am
mike1001's Avatar

i use the java ps3mediaserver (dlna) ... it works perfect for me !