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September 16, 2008 // 11:14 pm - To quote Al De Leon (PR Manager, SCEA) via PS Blog:

Hi, everyone, I wanted to give you a heads up about PS3 firmware update (v2.43). Unlike previous updates, firmware v2.43 is specific to the Japan region, and only PS3 users there will be required to install the update. PS3 users in all other regions will not be prompted to download v2.43. However, if you manually initiate a firmware update by clicking on "System Update" under the XMB's Settings icon, the v2.43 update will be available, regardless of where you are located.

Download: PS3 Firmware 2.43 (US) / PS3 Firmware 2.43 (EU)

Users outside of Japan do not need to perform this update if your PS3 system software is on version v2.41 or later. However if you do perform the update, it will not cause any issues with your system or add any new functionality.

PS3 Firmware Update 2.43 Released; Mandatory in Japan Only!

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#4 - harry22673 - September 20, 2008 // 7:14 am
harry22673's Avatar
It is a bit pointless because Japan gets the update that works and other countrys get the one that does nothing. I downloaded it because it was another update.

#3 - hacked2123 - September 17, 2008 // 7:30 am
hacked2123's Avatar

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Pretty smart of them to have that incorporated from the get go. (well almost since the get go, probably since 1.6...but still, thought ahead.

#2 - PS4 News - September 17, 2008 // 6:37 am
PS4 News's Avatar
It's for Japanese users mainly... apparently 2.43 brings them minor improvements to the region's PlayStation Store and video service only.

#1 - B4rtj4h - September 17, 2008 // 6:34 am
B4rtj4h's Avatar
No extra functions ?? What is the purpose then of this update??