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September 16, 2010 // 12:52 am - Update: According to, Sony's Japanese Web site reveals the additional PS3 Firmware 3.50 features as follows, to quote:

"Facebook connectivity will increase and will allow users (at least from what we can gather from the translation) to post what game they're playing on the social networking site.

Moreover, you can now report messages from the XMB which will be a much-welcomed feature for those of you who recieved spam over PSN."

Additionally, now lists the rest, as follows:

• Support for Blu-ray 3D
• 'Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity' - New icon [Music]. Although this service is not yet available, the icon will be shown in this section.
• Control 'Direct Pointer' in the browser via PlayStation Move.
• PlayStation Plus User Interface in the PlayStation Store updated.
• 3D Display to warn of 3D content.
• Calibration of PlayStation Move motion control will be possible the menu [Game]
• Reports about users may be sent from your PS3 through the message options on the tab [Friends]
• 14 of the most common mistakes have been extended with a description of the problem and possible solutions.
• Access to your Facebook profile via PS3 through [Allow access profile] available at [Account Management]

Sony has announced at TGS 2010 that the PS3 Firmware 3.50 update will arrive next week on September 21, and include 3D Blu-ray movie support as expected according to Engadget (linked above).

To quote from on this PS3 3D movie enabling system software update:

"Originally it was planned for a late October release, but Sony has bumped it up a month early and PS3 owners with 3D TVs should be excited about this.

While there may not be a large selection of 3D titles available for purchase today, this update shows that the PS3 is truly 'future proof'. With 3D gaming supported and soon movies, Sony is showing the PS3 can adapt to the market and support new changes and ideas."

Finally, Sony's Network Operations VP Eric Lempel has stated the following, to quote:

"We know that many consumers have purchased 3D TVs already and more of you will be purchasing them as the holidays approach - so we're excited to offer this firmware update that makes all 38 million PS3s worldwide compatible with Blu-ray 3D discs.

This new feature expands the PS3's 3D capabilities - as you may recall, we added the ability to play stereoscopic 3D games with the 3.30 firmware update in April.

While support for Blu-ray 3D discs is the primary new feature within the 3.50 update, there will be a few additional features. We'll post more details on the blog prior to the firmware's release, so check back here on Monday."

PS3 Firmware 3.50 Adds 3D Blu-ray Movie Support September 21

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#2 - rokic86 - September 16, 2010 // 12:57 am
rokic86's Avatar
At the Tokyo Game Show Sony just announced a version 3.50 software update coming to the PS3 on September 21st in Japan and possibly worldwide. It seems that FW 3.42 was indeed issued just to fix the PSJailbreak exploit.

#1 - PS4 News - September 16, 2010 // 12:56 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Great minds must think alike IanJ, I actually was writing this when you submitted it so I merged them together and stuck it under your username instead. +Rep for the news!