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April 22, 2010 // 2:04 am - Update: has confirmed that the Flash version used in the PS3's browser has also been updated alongside some region-free Blu-ray disc issues (such as BBC's Life), and badcrumble of NeoGAF speculates that the PS3 Blu-ray profile has been updated in preparation for 3D support.

PlayStation Network Operations Director Eric Lempel has announced details today of the mandatory PS3 Firmware 3.30 System Update.

Download: PS3 Firmware 3.30 (US) / PS3 Firmware 3.30 (EU)

To quote: Hi everyone, in our continued effort to provide the best, most comprehensive entertainment experience possible, we'll be adding a few new features to PlayStation 3 (PS3) via the latest system software update, which is a mandatory update and will be available shortly.

Most notably, you'll see some new sorting options within Trophies that make it easier to claim bragging rights among your friends on PlayStation Network.

• Trophy enhancements - Now you can more easily sort trophies in the [Trophy Collection] and [Comparing Trophy] sections. Sorting can be done with [Trophy Collection] in the [Game Category] and also when comparing trophies with your friends in the [Friend Category]

• Trophy Folder (Title List) can be sorted by game name/ by title according to the date in which you earned your last trophy (ascending/descending)

• Add-on list (Group list) can be sorted by original/the date in which you earned your last trophy (ascending/descending)

• Trophy list can be sorted by original/trophy name/grade/date of obtaining the trophy (ascending/descending)

In addition, this update preps the PS3 system for some upcoming new features, including 3D stereoscopic gaming, which is coming soon to PS3, in time for the launch of Sony's 3D BRAVIA TVs.

Let us know your thoughts and as always, we look forward to your feedback.

PS3 Firmware 3.30 System Update Arrives, Details Available!

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#40 - hunterrr - April 22, 2010 // 8:47 pm
hunterrr's Avatar
LOL to the guy above i'm saying the same thing! wheres my 500$ software eh? lol

But hmm.. this seems like the famous patch wave has now begun.

#39 - reference2mysel - April 22, 2010 // 8:23 pm
reference2mysel's Avatar
Where's my otheros? Where's in game music? Where's cross game audio chat?

#38 - GrandpaHomer - April 22, 2010 // 6:58 pm
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by dingleberry28 View Post
Something that really irks me tho is that I'm still at 3.15 and all of their stupid ads scroll across my screen and the psn whats new adds still work.

Yeah - screw the ads If they REALLY bother you you should be able to redirect them via proxy or fake DNS (and can scroll something "I'm still on 3.15 Sony bleee" but frankly for the amount of time I spend in XMB it would be hardly worth the effort anyway.
Quote Originally Posted by dingleberry28 View Post
I did learn that my dragon age game and resident evil 5 won't work unless I update as well.. They disabled all of my game add ons and even disabled the games that I purchased off of PSN... I'm Still at a loss to see how they can say that updating isn't mandatory... Am I the only one who has disc games that won't function? I have not heard anyone talk about that...

Majority of the games WILL update even if you're not logged to PSN. Simply change your settings to not conenct automaticlly to PSN and indeed do not use any proxy or DNS redisrection bypass method and you should be jsut fine with getting teh game updates. If some game will still try to conenct to PSN anyway it might be worth trying to create a new profile on you PS3 not linked to any PSN account and attempt to update the game via that profile instead

In regards of PSN games - they should all work as long as your original PSN account you've used to purchase them is present on your PS3, simply do not connect or even disable the network connenction to play them.

#37 - jonnymoe - April 22, 2010 // 2:27 pm
jonnymoe's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by jonnymoe View Post
Woo! Finally i'm able to play my UK BBC Life blurays on my JAP ps3

Scratch that, still doesn't work, its something to do with the type of video thats on the bluray disc that the ps3 doesn't like

#36 - TUHTA - April 22, 2010 // 2:27 pm
TUHTA's Avatar
ahaha.. Geo is Going to release 3.21 CFW, but 3.30 is already RELEASED!

heheh Geo...

#35 - neoxxx - April 22, 2010 // 2:16 pm
neoxxx's Avatar
I also have the Jap, but about the ability to play DVDs at all?

#34 - jonnymoe - April 22, 2010 // 2:06 pm
jonnymoe's Avatar
Woo! Finally i'm able to play my UK BBC Life blurays on my JAP ps3

#33 - ramkre - April 22, 2010 // 1:56 pm
ramkre's Avatar
They slightly updated Flash. I could not view videos on the regular Youtube site and now it's back on. It's a shame they did not put the latest version of Flash.

YDL Firefox was a life saver. Now I'm back to the awful PS3 Internet Browser. It should be replaced with Firefox or Opera. Wii has Opera and it works like a charm.

I'm tired of writing various Websites to support PS3. It's PS3 that should support all Websites.

As an example, current PS3 Flash does not support Nick Jr Kids Website. Try it and see:

There's a petition to get a decent browser on PS3. Check it here:

#32 - Hairyx - April 22, 2010 // 1:51 pm
Hairyx's Avatar
Getting early word that Flash HD is now working.

So it would be good if BBC supported on iPlayer as well.

#31 - SpeedNut - April 22, 2010 // 1:14 pm
SpeedNut's Avatar
The key reason for the 3.30 FW is to get everyone to accept the new TOS and Privacy policy. The one where they're trying to cover their rear with regards to ripping out OtherOS: