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March 31, 2010 // 7:57 pm - As scheduled, today the PS3 Firmware 3.21 update is available for download and as Sony previously confirmed it disables the OtherOS functionality in an effort to make the PlayStation 3 entertainment system more secure.

Download: PS3 Firmware 3.21 Update (US) / PS3 Firmware Update 3.21 (EU)

PS3 hacker GeoHot (EgoHot to skeptics) has promised a solution to those who hold off updating their console which may include PS3 Custom Firmware alongside a Nouveau open-source PS3 RSX driver rumored to be in development.

More details to come as they are available, including a full PS3 Firmware version 3.21 changelog. At the moment, all that is available from the PlayStation Japan site according to is the following, to quote: "Firstly it appears the quality of of PlayStation format software from the Store has been improved, presumably referring to the PS1 functionality (FFIX?).

Secondly, it appears that the security of MP4 video playback has been boosted too, removing some vulnerabilities."

RSX objects:

0x0 -- 0x30 -- NV01_NULL
0x31337000 -- 0x4097 -- NV40TCL
0x31337303 -- 0x39 -- NV_MEMORY_TO_MEMORY_FORMAT
0x31337A73 -- 0x309E -- NV40_SWIZZLED_SURFACE
0x313371C3 -- 0x3062 -- NV40_CONTEXT_SURFACES_2D
0x3137AF00 -- 0x3089 -- NV40_SCALED_IMAGE_FROM_MEMORY
0x31337808 -- 0x308A -- NV40_IMAGE_FROM_CPU


• The [Install Other OS] and [Default System] features have been deleted.
• The playback quality of some PlayStationŽ format software that is downloaded (as a purchase or for free) from PlayStationŽStore has been improved.
• A security patch was added to address security vulnerabilities that may occur when playing MP4 format video files.

Finally, those who don't plan to update may want to check out the guides on How to Bypass PS3 Firmware 3.21 and Connect to PSN.

PS3 Firmware 3.21 Update Arrives, It Only Does Less Than It Did!

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#6 - MisSpark - April 1, 2010 // 3:39 am
MisSpark's Avatar
it is lame that they are removing but i'm not supporting them in what they did but think if you where sony... and your company made the ps3 what would you do ?

#5 - livpool - April 1, 2010 // 3:38 am
livpool's Avatar
hmm.. interesting i was just on PSN and it didnt kick me off to update.. if i stayed on would i of not had to update? i turned my PS3 off now, ill turn it back on

edit: yep, i should of left my PS3 on.. ok time to try out LOGAN5's proxy.

#4 - red8316 - April 1, 2010 // 3:34 am
red8316's Avatar
Such as sad day for all PS3 users. It feels like a part of me if being torn away. That sounds super lame, but as a gamer it feels like I'm getting my pinky toe cut off. Sure its not essential, might help with my balance, but damn will I miss it. It's a sense of loss and a big F/U from $ony to me for buying into their system over Micro$ofts. I'm gonna try and hold off for a while before updating, but after a week or two I might wonder if it's worth it if nothing major develops.

#3 - XiLE - April 1, 2010 // 3:28 am
XiLE's Avatar
Downloading now, will be kinda strange if 3.15 -> 3.21 only removes Linux...

Waiting for that changelist, sad that Sony "forgot" to inform anyone of any other changes

#2 - Pretikewl - April 1, 2010 // 3:27 am
Pretikewl's Avatar
This is really sad news.

I know it was silly to do so, but I kept hoping against hope that this would all turn out to be a nasty April Fool's joke. Guess the joke's on us...

#1 - devinbedari - April 1, 2010 // 3:19 am
devinbedari's Avatar
You know, I think Sony is gonna slowly even stop us from playing PS3 games, the way things are going.