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October 14, 2009 // 9:38 pm - Recently Sony became involved in a class action suit over PS3 Firmware 3.0 issues.

The PS3 Devs are currently seeking someone to donate (or sell, if necessary) a PS3 Blu-ray drive that is confirmed to be dead from the v3.00 Firmware Update that Sony recently pulled.

It would also help if those who can't offer their dead drives could reply with their drive details.

For example, what type of PS3 console (CExxx number off the back) and what PS3 Firmware version that it had when it worked, and what the unit was updated to when it failed.

Note: Please be certain that the unit is v3.00 as it will be no help at all if after being found dead the drive was updated to v3.01 in attempt to fix it. Reply below if you can help us out- Thanks!

PS3 Devs Seeking Dead Blu-ray Drive From Firmware 3.0 Update

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#3 - twitch - October 15, 2009 // 3:40 pm
twitch's Avatar
Don't know if it helps I have a dead drive from 2.7 update let me know and good luck.

#2 - PS4 News - October 15, 2009 // 2:32 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
They just want to examine the update code on a drive killed by upgrading to Sony's 3.0 Firmware... basically as a "community service" type project.

#1 - DemonHades - October 15, 2009 // 1:55 pm
DemonHades's Avatar
umm change the fw? for what?

Intro new options or close olds how the use bdj?

I have ppl say close it the use bdj on bd-rom disk in the fw 3.00.

Remember in last fw 2.50 the method for launch apps and others on a card,usb is closed (only valid format udf2.50+) but sony how always close it.

good luck at investigation and comment all success