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September 26, 2008 // 7:28 pm - Update: A brief guide and F.A.Q. are available HERE and NDT posted a more detailed walkthrough.


I need a little help from the community, if possible i'd like to have from all of you uploaded somewhere (example: rapidshare) the first 2048KB of the HDD partition. Specifically i need a test conducted this way:

Power up the ps3, go to the formatting utility, and format the ps3 HDD with the option of 10GB for the ps3 system.

Power off the ps3, remove the hard disk, attach it to the PC and dump the first 2048KB.

Compress the 2048 with the program you actually prefer (rar, zip whatever) and upload and post a link here.

For the dumping part winhex (for windows) or dd (unix and windows), if any problem or question rise, feel free to contact me or other devs, thanks again for the contribution!

PS3 Dev Request: 2048KB of the HDD Partition Uploads!

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#22 - trawkins - April 11, 2009 // 9:52 am
trawkins's Avatar
Two archives prototype test/debug units with FW 2.52 and FW 00.92 one partition, HDD 60GB same model SEAGATE after completely low level format.

#21 - mofokid - March 31, 2009 // 9:54 pm
mofokid's Avatar
Here is the 2mb dump from a TEST unit. It didn't come with a harddrive but I stuck a 200gb in there and follow the directions posted. The debug firmware I have on there atm is 2.15.

#20 - MrCandydance - October 13, 2008 // 9:35 pm
MrCandydance's Avatar
40Gb original PAL HD. Not reformatted.
One partition, no new OS's installed.

#19 - tworok - September 30, 2008 // 1:00 pm
tworok's Avatar
here's my little contribution to the best ps3 project in the world. i've attached 2 different dumps of my original 60gb PS3 PAL hdd. i tried to re-format and the data is different (i compared the 2 dumps with HashCalc and the values are different)

like asked i formated with a 10gb partition for the ps3 system.

2.3 firmware

#18 - triple7 - September 28, 2008 // 11:33 am
triple7's Avatar
Here's my dump. It's from a EUR PS3 (CECHC) @ FW 2.43. I formatted and partitioned 10 GB for gameos per the instructions.

The disk is not the original but another 60 GB Hitachi, HTS541060G9SA00.

Edit: Funny how large my file is compared to the others. I will do a full format and try again.

Edit2: Marginal difference in size on the second try. Only a few bytes size difference when rared.

#17 - duchko037 - September 27, 2008 // 8:09 pm
duchko037's Avatar
Here is mine. HDD is 160Gb WD1600BEVS.

#16 - mastergrandpa - September 27, 2008 // 1:06 pm
mastergrandpa's Avatar
So heres mine:

EU 60Gb, bought on lauch date, one partition (no other OS)

#15 - NDT - September 27, 2008 // 12:32 pm
NDT's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post

Finally, NDT is working on a detailed walkthrough for doing this, but before he posts it I added a 'quickie' guide HERE.

Hey PS3 News

Your guide is complete! What should i add other than how to select the right drive?

I just added that!

#14 - MrFloppi - September 27, 2008 // 11:59 am
MrFloppi's Avatar
the first 2048kb of my original EU Ps3 40gb hdd (ST940210AS). Never formatted the hdd tho... hope that doesnt matter... and hope i did it right so u guys can figure out something that helps

#13 - Herogen - September 27, 2008 // 11:56 am
Herogen's Avatar
Here's my file. HDD is 60GB, same model as original, but from macbook, so i zeroed the first 512mb to clear out any rest-bytes. PS3 is the 60GB PAL model, quick formatted with 10 gb for ps3.

dump was created using dd