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June 4, 2012 // 1:50 am - Following up on the Code Freak PS3 Cheat Device and more recent PS3 Game Genie Save Editor news, today fakeshadow has made available a translated FAQ and tutorial from the Japanese version by CyberGadget dubbed the PS3 Cyber Save Editor below.

Download: PS3 Code Editor Manual / PS3 Code Freak Tool

Cyber PS3 Save Editor Tutorial FAQ:

Q: What is Cyber PS3 Save Editor?
A: It is a software for modding PS3 game saves. You can mod money stats and progress in game like every save editor does.

Q: What do I have to do to make it work?
A: You need a PC runing on WindowsXP/Vista/7,internet connection and a usb stick.

Q: Will it work on all PS3 games?
A: Unfortunately, no. It only support some games.

Q: What is the risk of using this. Will I get banned?
A: All hacking violate TOS may cause you trouble for using PSN so use it at your own risk.

Q: How can i get it?
A: Its a Japan only software. you can get it on the offical site (linked above).

Q: Will there be a English version?
A: The English version of Cyber PS3 Save Editor is call GameGenie.. it is said to be out on E3.

Cyber Save Editor for PS3 Tutorial:

Tutorial for install and basic use:

  • Insert the CD disk in your "(PS3) Cyber Save Editor" and run setup.

  • Press "次へ" (Next) to start

  • Hook the "使用許諾契約書" (License Agreement) and press "次へ" (Next)

  • Decide your install location and press "次へ" (Next)

  • Press"インストール" (Install) and the install will begin

  • Press "完了" (Complete) and the install is finished

  • Run this shortcut to start the editor

  • Insert your serial number which is in your "(PS3) Cyber Save Editor" box and press ok

  • It will display all the update information when start up. you can check news here.. the list right is the support list.

  • Copy a game save (catherine for example in the pic) on the support list using your USB stick from PS3 and insert it to your PC.
  • Press "外部メモリー選択" (Display) and choose your USB stick and the editor will recognize all the saves and display them.
  • Right click on the game you want to mod and choose "シンプルモード" (Simple Mode).

  • All building codes can use will display now.. here we see are codes for medal and retry times.

  • Hook the code you want to use and press "適用" (Apply).

  • Press "はい" (Yes) to use, press "いいえ" (No) if want to cancel.
  • After the soft do its work, unplug your USB stick from PC and copy the save back to your PS3.. the mods will work now.

Finally, to quote (roughly translated) via on the PS3 Cyber Save Editor:

Movement Environment:

  • The PC which I can connect to the Internet. The correspondence OS Windows XP/Vista/7 (Vista/7 32/64bit correspondence):
  • The environment that can connect with the Internet. When I use this product, PS3 and the USB memory where there is the reading and writing with a your other PC are necessary separately.

I can edit the save data of the game for PS3 by oneself!

Application software for PCs that the state that a helpful effect was reflected by the capture of the game including "money in hand MAX" and "status MAX" just to input character string called "the patch cord" can edit the save data of the game for PS3.

Such as "samurai way 4" and "6 Shinzo country incomparableness strong general biographies", "a dragon OF THE END", including a popular game title, is collecting in the patch cord of all 40 titles beforehand. I register the patch cord that it is placed each number in official magazine "every other month Code Freak" of the brain storm publication more and can use a title of non-collecting and the new work released in future.

Because it is best the thing which I can store as save data, the reflected effect cannot use which type of thing which "is "character invincibility" number of the bullets infinity" in usable mystique in the cord freak series.

I am going to cope with the version up of the system software of the main body of PS3. I cannot use this product for the save data that I am prohibited from copying.

PS3 Cyber Save Editor Translated FAQ and Tutorial Arrive

PS3 Cyber Save Editor Translated FAQ and Tutorial Arrive

PS3 Cyber Save Editor Translated FAQ and Tutorial Arrive

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#2 - HeyManHRU - June 1, 2012 // 9:02 am
HeyManHRU's Avatar
That's cool and all, but nothing beats Eboot.bin hacks for games. Hopefully someone will share the hacked saves after.

#1 - dsavage - June 1, 2012 // 8:50 am
dsavage's Avatar
not bad if it work good... an if the price isn't steep