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PS3 Bluetooth Controller Sync Issues Reported in Firmware 3.10

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277w ago - It's now been over two weeks since Sony released PS3 Firmware 3.10, however, according to several reports this weekend including Loot-Ninja.com (linked above) and the official PlayStation Forums it introduced a nasty Bluetooth controller sync issue.

Apparently many gamers who updated to PS3 Firmware 3.10 now have to use their PS3 controllers connected with a USB cable to play games, however, most reports are isolated to new PS3 Slim console although some early PS3 owners are also having issues it seems.

To quote: "Yesterday I ran into a troubling issue with my PS3 Slim where none of my three DualShock 3 controllers sync to my console via the wireless Bluetooth standard. Whenever I press the PlayStation button, all I get is four flashing lights as the controllers make a valiant attempt to sync with the PS3, but fail miserably.

After going through the troubleshooting steps provided by Sony, I did what any frustrated gamer would do: I searched Google. Turns out, there are quite a few people experiencing the exact same issue, some of which are having trouble with Bluetooth headsets and Blu-Ray remotes as well."

Has anyone here experienced this Bluetooth Controller sync issue since updating to PS3 Firmware 3.10? Feel free to comment below!

PS3 Bluetooth Controller Sync Issues Reported in Firmware 3.10

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#12 - mihaiolimpiu - 277w ago
mihaiolimpiu's Avatar
No problem on fat 60 GB PAL! slim only?!

#11 - dude2193 - 277w ago
dude2193's Avatar
I can confirm that I have the lag/delay. Its very annoying.

#10 - trasek - 277w ago
trasek's Avatar
No problems with my original 60GB EU PS3! It seems problems are only with SLIM versions.

#9 - xmen3 - 277w ago
xmen3's Avatar
some days after update 3.10 i've lost bluetooth wi-fi and ethernet too... dunno if is releated to the update

#8 - FowlBeast - 277w ago
FowlBeast's Avatar
I have the same problem. If you turn on the system & then turn on the controller when it says playstation it almost always syncs up.

#7 - azam90 - 277w ago
azam90's Avatar
Yep my controller has got the problem, it's freakin annoying I have to rest my ps3 and controller plz Sony fix it !

#6 - ps3c - 277w ago
ps3c's Avatar
no problem with 7 40gb and 1 60 gb console.

#5 - marcbeau7650 - 277w ago
marcbeau7650's Avatar
You can do a temp fix by plugging the controller in with usb and resetting the controller (with a pin).. then unplug and it should sync again. But it will stop working once you turn the system off and on again. (My original 60GB is still working fine)

#4 - FBR - 277w ago
FBR's Avatar
Same problem with my Slim.

#3 - lamboleap760 - 277w ago
lamboleap760's Avatar
Yes, I thought It was just me.. I have a new PS3 Slim. Same problem here.


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