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July 2, 2008 // 4:37 pm - Update: Via Sony's online help desk in response to the 2.4 issues:

"The PLAYSTATION 3 system software version 2.40 has been temporarily taken offline and will not be available for download as our engineers examine any possible issues with this update. The Knowledge Center will be updated with information as it becomes available; please check back here for further details."

After countless reports of problems across the Internet (here, here, and here) caused by the long-awaited PS3 2.40 Software Update, Sony has gone ahead and pulled the update.

Many users have been a bit befuddled, after being able to access PSN with only 2.36, however on a check of the latest available firmware, it is indeed listed as 2.36.

We can only assume that there is a major bug in the newest release. One would assume it would be detected and patched before it was rolled out en-masse, however it appears that it was not.

The big question, aside from 'When is 2.40 coming back out?' is that will Sony repair consoles that this update broke without cost, or will they still insist on charging their repair fee?

According to our member boonflop, Sony insisted on charging him, once his PS3 bricked after updating to 2.40. Hopefully Sony they will change their tune after this debacle, and fix these consoles for free.

PS3 2.40 Update Removed!

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#29 - Adam777 - July 7, 2008 // 3:50 pm
Adam777's Avatar
You can fix the 2.40 brick by formatting the HDD with a PC. Though every data will lose including the precious saves.

#28 - BUMMER70 - July 7, 2008 // 2:25 pm
BUMMER70's Avatar
I don't have any problems. 2.40 works fine. I have European ps3(60gb)

#27 - ModderFokker - July 7, 2008 // 7:41 am
ModderFokker's Avatar
On Ps3 fanboy they have a poll going and it seems "only" 2% had problems with the 2.40 update.

Mine worked fine (pal 60gb).

#26 - mrmiller24 - July 4, 2008 // 11:00 pm
mrmiller24's Avatar
sony may have tested it, but they cant make it bulletproof, something must have slipped under the radar, i struggle to believe that any company the size of sony would not test something before releasing it, bigger companies play it safe.

#25 - boonflop - July 4, 2008 // 8:39 pm
boonflop's Avatar
WAHOOOO!!! After i reformatted my ps3 hdd i am pleased to say that it now works. Still pissy with sony support team but screw them when i have you guys.

#24 - faith2063 - July 4, 2008 // 8:19 pm
faith2063's Avatar
The update works fine for me. I did it a few minutes after its releases and i have a European 60Gb PS3.

I don't understand how can Sony release something that causes problems. Did they really test it ?

#23 - wicked insanity - July 4, 2008 // 11:58 am
wicked insanity's Avatar
Hmm, intresting. Yes I purchased WARHAWK on my EU account and i plays also on my other US account. Might there br something here in activating pay per view games like SSHD and lemmings that can be activated again on 2.40, I'll investigate this and report back.

#22 - PS4 News - July 4, 2008 // 10:11 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Hackmysack I merged your post to this thread, as users here have been discussing this since the first page. Additionally, there has been no re-release of 2.40 Firmware yet. Some (clueless) Web sites falsely reported this, however, our PS3 Devs have been monitoring the official Sony updaters since it was reverted back to 2.36 and there has been no change whatsoever.

You can monitor them for yourself here:



#21 - Hackmysack - July 4, 2008 // 10:00 am
Hackmysack's Avatar

if you downloaded 2.40 before it was pulled you can play games that you aren't the owner for.

i.e warhawk works on accounts that did not buy it.. i am going to see if this works with anything else, and can anybody confirm whether or not this is still in the re release firmware?

#20 - mrmiller24 - July 4, 2008 // 8:15 am
mrmiller24's Avatar
oh right, i take back my earlier comment of the older ps3 seems to be more vulnerable. its just that i was looking at some other forums and they were all saying that their launch day ps3 couldn't cope, but you've all proved that wrong. Well done