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January 24, 2009 // 2:36 am - Pain for the PlayStation 3 gaming console is quite the unique game. However I don't feel it's up to par with some of the other games on the PlayStation Network store.

The main problem I have with the game is the fact that although the game is $10 in the U.S. they only give you 1 level to start with. This bugs me as a gamer because I believe for $10 I should get a little bigger game for what I paid for it.

My second complaint is about the game play. Although is really fun when you have a few buddies over for a beer, it just seems repetitive after time. Granted the 2 player is cool, it doesn't make up for the short comings of the 1 player.

Although you can buy add-on levels, I don't believe they are worth their price. Abusement park is almost the exact same thing as d-town.

Movie studio is a little bit better about this, but like the other levels it just becomes repetitive.

Honestly, other then the 2 player I can't find anything I like about PAIN. I'm sorry to those of you who like the game, but I just can't recommend a game to someone that I don't like.

Recommendations and Ratings:

Recommended to...
Hardcore?: No.
Pro?: No.
Casual?: Yes.
Noob?: Maybe.
Retro?: No


Value: F 0-10

In terms of being unique, PAIN is great. Although I didn't like it, if you get a chance to try it I would. As I said some people love it and some people don't. So that leaves me with a A+++ and a 8-10 only in terms of being Unique.

I had to look up what type of genre it was, and Wikipedia said action game. So if I'm incorrect I apologize, however I don't think the action in this game is very good. I think the game is very cartoony which is good for the type of game it is, but it takes away some points from the action. So C and a 3-10.

Overall there isn't much I can say about pain... It's a short game, I don't really like it, and I gave my opinion. It's just a OK type of game, so 32-100.

PowerMad Review of PAIN for the PlayStation 3 Console

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#1 - PS4 News - January 24, 2009 // 9:46 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Very nice and down-to-earth narrative on the video review CyanCaze (even with the cheapie mic you mentioned you were stuck using ) so first of all +Rep!

You presented your opinion well, weighed cost versus entertainment value, and even provided viable alternate options for 'casual' gamers who may have been considering PAIN... which, ended up being PAIN-fully redundant even when watching the action in the video.

I must say you admitted you were bored with it after 30 minutes... I have not played it myself, but upon watching the video I think I'd have only given it 10-15 minutes before I would start wondering if there isn't something else I could be spending my time playing.

In any case, nice first video review! I added it to the Reviews archive, and also if you use the Contact Us form to mail me your PayPal address I will drop ya $20 this weekend for your time and effort in doing the review as I hinted in the past.