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August 2, 2010 // 3:19 pm - Today Ro Hernandez from Sony's PlayStation Store Team has announced that beginning tomorrow PS3 and PSP video games, including Minis, will be on sale via PSN!

To quote: Escape the heat, humidity and sunburns of summer with an equally sizzling PlayStation Network Summer Sale.

Enjoy great gaming with big discounts on your favorite PS3 and PSP titles and new to this limited-time event - minis are on sale!

Now you can download minis such as Tetris, Bloons, Dracula Undead Awakenings, Monsters Probably Stole My Princess, and Zombie Tycoon at discounted Summer Sale prices. Offer starts on 8/3 with normal Store publish.

When temperatures soar, you know it's time to cool off and play some fun games. So, avoid the dog days of summer with titles that will entertain you all summer long.

From PS3 titles like Fat Princess and PixelJunk Shooter to PSP games like Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and lots of entertaining minis, get 'em at our lowest prices during the PSN Summer Sale. Don't miss out on the season's biggest event!
Offers good through Monday, August 9, 2010 for US & CA stores and open to all PlayStation Network users.


Fat Princess - $7.49 sale; $14.99 reg.
PixelJunk Shooter - $4.99 sale; $9.99 reg.
Groovin' Blocks - $4.99 sale; $9.99 reg.
Madden NFL Arcade - $7.49 sale; $14.99 reg.
Wakeboarding HD - $7.49 sale; $14.99 reg.


The Eye of Judgment Legends - $14.99 sale; $29.99 reg.
echoshift - $7.49 sale; $14.99 reg.
Patchwork Heroes - $4.99 sale; $9.99 reg.
Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars - $14.99 sale; $29.99 reg.
Lunar Silver Star Harmony - $14.99 sale; $29.99 reg.


Tetris - $4.99 sale; $9.99 reg.
Dracula Undead Awakenings - $2.49 sale; $4.99 reg.
Monsters Probably Stole My Princess - $2.49 sale; $4.99 reg.
Zombie Tycoon - $2.49 sale; $4.99 reg.
Bloons - $1.49 sale; $2.99 reg.

PlayStation Network PS3 and PSP Summer Sale Begins Tomorrow

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#2 - tjay17 - August 3, 2010 // 1:02 am
tjay17's Avatar
A sale is never a bad thing.

#1 - ligator - August 3, 2010 // 12:10 am
ligator's Avatar
It's great for the heat.

These prices are for the entire Latin American region or should we examine oneself for each respective region? (Whether in Central America, El Salvador)