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March 23, 2010 // 6:52 pm - Beatshapers CEO Alexey Menshikov has announced that the PlayStation Minis game NormalTanks is now available on both PSP and PS3 via PSN.

To quote: I'm Founder and CEO of Beatshapers, a Ukraine based video games developer and digital download publishing company.

I've started my career 12 years ago as audio designer, worked on many games like Carnivores series, Vivisector, Cryostasis, EA's Black, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and more.

Recently, me and our key team members were responsible for IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Pray for PSP platform, MelodyBloxx (this year IGF Mobile "Honorable mention" awarded), Rhythm of War PSP (IGF Mobile 2009 finalist) and BreakQuest, another PSP minis game which we've developed and published around the PSPgo launch.

So what is all this about? NormalTanks is a really old school fast-paced multi-directional top-down arcade shooter in a sci-fi tank universe.

Reminiscent of games from the 8-bit era, NormalTanks features a better look and feel but still retains a classic alone-saves-the-universe gameplay.

There are 8 challenging, dynamic and hazardous environments to tackle: inside enemy bases, outdoor jungles and mountains, every level has own end levels boos to defeat.

The game features more than 30 different enemies including various tanks, heavy gun machines, helicopters, robots and biomechanical creatures, SSM missile sites and heavy cannons.

To destroy enemies more effectively, just like in classic arcades, there are special red-star bonuses that help upgrade your tank abilities: its main cannon, machine gun, armor and movement speed.

On some levels your tank transforms into a tiny mine-bot to stealthily pass by the enemies and deactivate energy fields. Another level turns you into a giant walking robot, which demolishes everything in its way to the end level's alien hive!

This year, NormalTanks received an honorable mention at the Independent Game Festival, Student showcase.

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PlayStation Minis Game NormalTanks is Available on PSP and PS3

PlayStation Minis Game NormalTanks is Available on PSP and PS3

PlayStation Minis Game NormalTanks is Available on PSP and PS3

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