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October 14, 2011 // 6:27 pm - Today Sony has announced news of a PlayStation branded PS3 keyboard and mouse controller slated for release on November 2, 2011.

Manufactured by HORI, the Tactical Assault Commander 3 peripheral set will sells for 9800 ($127 US) and is officially licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment.

To quote: "The Tactical Commander 3 consists of an optical right-handed mouse and a keypad for the left hand with WASD-style keys. The pad also includes an easy-access D-Pad comes attached with a palm rest.

Tracking resolution on the optical mouse is unclear, but it's doubtful that the mouse can match the capabilities of a true gaming mouse for the PC. However, the mouse will come equipped with a DPI/sensitivity toggle for more precise aiming.

Sony has not yet announced what games it plans to support with the peripherals at this time. It's curious to see if the company plans to offer mouse and keyboard support for first person shooters like Killzone 3 and Resistance 3, which would undoubtedly benefit from the precision offered by the peripherals."

PlayStation Branded PS3 Keyboard and Mouse Controller Incoming

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#8 - OGroteKoning - October 15, 2011 // 10:55 pm
OGroteKoning's Avatar
Is $ony hard up for cash? The only way for them to make this stick, is for them to lock the USB ports and the Bluetooth radio so it will allow only $ony/PS3 products. It is highly unlikely (abd debateble) that their keyboard/mouse will be superior to existing gaming keyboards/mice out there - so why would anyone want to spend money on this? I would love to see reviews on this when it is released.

#7 - Zentsuken - October 15, 2011 // 9:38 pm
Zentsuken's Avatar
Damn it, this should've came early in the PS3 consoles life. Regardless I AM GLAD, Sony is finally sharing some of it's love with PC gamers. Move is gimmicky, PS controllers are not as accurate for aiming as a mouse, so this is awesome!

I am probably not going to get it, but eventually.. probably!

Time to sell my FRAGnStein!

#6 - saviour07 - October 15, 2011 // 10:47 am
saviour07's Avatar
Yeah there's a few problems with this, mainly the fact that they are only just releasing something like this now! When Unreal Tournament 3 came out (4 years ago) this would have been perfect! Every FPS since then would have benefited nicely from it too

Also, the price (in $) is a lot and will surely be the same (but with a £ sign attached) when it reaches the UK. No wireless means that it is an outdated and undesirable peripheral - the cables would have to be at least 4 meters for someone to get this into a comfortable position between them and the tv (assuming the ps3 is just below that).

Finally as properBo has stated, this is ergonomically disastrous! Appealing to only half of the targeted audience - righty's.

For this to work it has to be:
- Wireless.
- Configurable for either lefty or righty's (ambidextrous).
- Under £/$/€ 100.

#5 - properBo - October 15, 2011 // 2:49 am
properBo's Avatar
for right-handed people only I guess

#4 - jesterking1 - October 15, 2011 // 2:46 am
jesterking1's Avatar
yeah I was looking into this about a month ago. Looks cool, and they are quite customizable. But, as stated, the fact that it's not wireless ruines it. Completly not worth the hefty price tag. Instead, I think I will be getting a XFPS Commando Pro. Basically the same thing, but wireless. And you can use it on ps3 and xbox... It has a weird dongle that you have to pair it to, but once you have that done, its good to go.

#3 - d3adliner - October 15, 2011 // 2:28 am
d3adliner's Avatar
Yup. Non wireless completely kills it for me, regardless of the price.

#2 - HeyManHRU - October 15, 2011 // 2:15 am
HeyManHRU's Avatar
It's funny how many PC gamers buy game controllers and many console gamers buy a mouse with keyboard.

#1 - cfwprophet - October 15, 2011 // 1:33 am
cfwprophet's Avatar
127 bugs ? thats a way over i say !! Sure would be and looks interesting and nice to have for FPS games but thats a way to much to pay for a psydo keyboard and one mice. Also a absolutely no go are the cables.