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August 16, 2008 // 9:06 pm - If you have been playing on your PS3 non-stop for the last couple of days, chances are you have one (or more) of the following betas: Resistance 2 Closed Beta (for now,) PlayStation Home Closed/Opened Beta, or SOCOM (the game not the gun or the US Special Operations Command) Confrontation beta - which you shouldn't have because it isn't even out yet.

Although, people can pull the strangest things off their sleeves, so who knows. If you are in one of those betas, consider yourself special; lets exclude PlayStation Home since there isn't anything special about it. It still looks the same. Just more people in the same boring place. (Do your duty as a tester and find some glitches though!)

If you are not on one of the betas and you are still playing your PS3 non-stop, you most likely have trophy fever. How about putting your desires of leveling up your PSN Level down for a bit, and educate yourself in how to get on these betas before its too late.

Anyways, Sony has or will be having three very important betas at the exact same time; which causes some problems since usually we aren't accepted in all of them if we are already in one of them. (PSU rules I think - not so sure.) So, lets get on with that educational speech I promised you...

Lets start with PlayStation Home. PlayStation Home closed beta has been active for oh... one eon? Okay, so I'm exaggerating, a little. Either way, Home is opening its doors to more testers as it nears version 1.00 (current built is 00.097 - which has a slight difference than 00.094.) Lets begin.

PlayStation Home Beta:

As you know, Europe and Japan were the firsts to receive their invites to this "expanded beta." US territory must have gotten the mails by now, including exiting beta testers. The new beta requires existing testers to delete the old beta and download the new one with the respective code. If you aren't one of the old beta testers you are probably still excited about home you just follow the instruction on the mail, and you'll be set.

Remember this beta access is based on your PS3's region not your PSN account, so if you bought a US PS3 and you are in Colombia or Panama, chances are it will not work. If this happens that code can only be used once, so do not, I repeat, DO NOT use it to download something that wont work. Instead, try giving it to a friend or someone that can make good use of it. (Keep away from more trophy glory... err, don't give it to people that will not respect Beta policies.)

Furthermore, move out of Colombia. EC has posted few things about Home, so you may want to check that out. There are a few screenshots and the full edited mail which for the sounds of it, he was super exited to get into Home of the boring beta; poor kid. I know I would... (Ellipsis is necessary, yes.)

Lets move onto the famous Metal Gear Solid left over from Meryl gun known as SOCOM; although, this time we are talking about the game not the gun. One of PlayStation's first voice enabled is debuting on "next-gen" - which is current, and has been for oh... 2 years? Sony said they would say when the next-gen starts, so I'll go with that. - SOCOM Confrontation is the name of the game. I never had much excitement for this game, but ever since I saw it at E3 it blew my mind. Lets check it out.

SOCOM Confrontation:

This beta is dated for September 1st launch. Dammit, everything starts when school does; gay. The first things you need to know about this and Resistance 2 beta are the ways to get in. The first way is to purchase Qore episodes. SOCOM is the first episode of Qore, hosted by the beautiful Veronica Belmont. The second course of action is to drop $5 on a pre-orders at your local Gamestop, or pay the whole thing - your choice. You will get three invites when you do so.

So, you and two of your friends can enjoy good-old Crossroads. Yes, the beta will have Crossroads as a playable map. There will be a 16 or 32 players version of the famous Crossroads. Also, different game modes such as: Extraction, Elimination, and Suppression. You can also unlock new weapons and weapon classes, body armor and whatnot. You can check all of it in their website. There are a lot of features abailable for a little beta, seems like a fun time. Clan support, stat tracking, headgear, camo, etc. but much like the MGO beta this will be reseted once the game launches.

Resistance 2 Beta:

Got a friend who is playing a game by the name of "Girl With A Stick"? Watch out! He is totally not watching a porno! (James...) Some lucky people (PSU members) are currently enjoying the Resistance 2 close beta thanks to who knows what, but don't worry there is an open beta on the way. Much like SOCOM beta you will have to have an issue of Qore to get a valid Resistance 2 beta code.

This issue is number three. This open beta will also happen on September along with SOCOM. You may want to give a check to the new Resistance website. There is not much information we can give you for now; we would love to tell you, but you'll just have to check back later.

Only Sony manages to have three important beta running at the same time - that kind of sounds like a bad idea. That is it for the betas for now. If you have any questions, leave some comments.

PlayStation 3 Triple Betas Explained

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