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April 18, 2009 // 2:29 pm - This weekend Sashz has updated the previously-released OtherOS pdaXrom-NG Bootloader v0.1.2 with a new revision, dated 20090417.

Also updated to v0.2 is the Example Sixaxis Bluetooth Server Using PF_BLUETOOTH Sockets by PS2Dev Jim Paris.

Download: OtherOS pdaXrom-NG Bootloader v0.1.2 (20090417) / pdaXrom-NG Bootable CD for PS3 (20090417)

Build 20090417 Changelog
• Sixaxis bluetooth joystick as mouse (for keyboard/mouse less systems)
• On screen keyboard

• Leafpad
• Terminal

• Image viewer

• Firefox 3.0.8
• Pidgin 2.5.5
• Transmission
• XChat

• AbiWord
• Gnumeric
• ePDFViewer

• Audacious
• Mplayer

• Download bootloader 'pdaXrom-ng-otheros.bld', rename it to 'otheros.bld'.
• On your USB stick or CD create the directory /PS3/otheros/ and copy 'otheros.bld' file to it.
• Insert CD or a plug USB stick into PS3 and go to System->System Settings->Install Other OS. PS3 should find and install bootloader.
• Go to System->System Settings->Set Default OS->OtherOS to boot up with pdaXrom-ng bootloader.

OtherOS pdaXrom-NG Bootloader 0.1.2 r1 for PS3 Linux Available

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#7 - pajacyk - June 6, 2009 // 6:06 pm
pajacyk's Avatar
It seems that links dosent work anymore so i uploaded Pdaxrom 20090417 on public server


#6 - pstrzy - April 19, 2009 // 2:07 pm
pstrzy's Avatar
...I've installed this otheros and now when I run ps3 I only see one icon with controller! I don't know what to do now! How I can boot my ps3 os now? Why I don't see other icons in otheros? Help me!!!

Ok - now I see cd with linux and usb with linux but I can't boot it. When I press X I hear that cd is reading something but nothing happens!

So I've bricked my console?

I learned on the what you need to do to come back to ps3 os
You must switch off ps3 then press the switch on button and hold it until 3 beeps. Now you can start ps3 os :P (resolution will be set on default)

#5 - canabal - April 19, 2009 // 4:22 am
canabal's Avatar
Using sixaxis as a mouse in the bootloader is a killer feature if it works. I cannot wait to get to my ps3 and try this out.

#4 - PS4 News - April 19, 2009 // 2:51 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by kr0nikwisd0m View Post
When installed how do i boot back to the ps3 os?

from System->System Settings->Set Default OS->OtherOS

If you change the Default System back to "PS3" then when you restart it will be back to the normal PS3 OS (XMB).

If you are in Linux and wish to go back from the Terminal window, type: boot-game-os

#3 - Veritech - April 19, 2009 // 1:17 am
Veritech's Avatar
This interests me alot as I use my PS3 to browse sites frequently. Thank you for this update, I have yet to make any firm decision on implementing this as of yet but this really intrigues me.

#2 - kr0nikwisd0m - April 18, 2009 // 11:28 pm
kr0nikwisd0m's Avatar
When installed how do i boot back to the ps3 os?

from System->System Settings->Set Default OS->OtherOS

#1 - plavkic - April 18, 2009 // 9:57 pm
plavkic's Avatar
I think this linux rocks! no hdd partition, all u need on CD