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September 15, 2009 // 9:31 pm - As part of a Sony and Papa John's promotional event, you can now order a Papa John's Pizza right from your PS3 system browser until September 27, 2009.

Just click on the Papa John's button on the PS3 system browser homepage and check out special offers from Papa John's.

To quote: "Sony continues their marketing blitz with the PS3. You can now order a fresh, hot Papa John's Pizza straight from the PS3 Browser. The Ad reads:

Hungry? Need something to eat? Now you can jump over to your PlayStation 3 browser between epic battles and high-speed races to get a hot delicious pizza delivered to your door.

Talk about convenience. Just click on the Papa John's button on the PS3 system browser homepage. You'll go straight to the Papa John's ordering page where you'll find special offers. All this while never having to leave the comfort of your PS3 system."

Papa John's has restaurants in the US, Canada, Mexico, and the UK and this option is available in all of these countries.

You can even have it delivered with no credit card required. Just like the commercial says: "It Only Does Everything."

Order Papa John's Pizza on Your PS3 Until September 27, 2009

Order Papa John's Pizza on Your PS3 Until September 27, 2009

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#6 - yellowblack18 - September 16, 2009 // 9:02 pm
yellowblack18's Avatar
Personally, I go with Digornio or California Pizza Kitchen that are already in my freezer over any delivery pizza. Half the price, about 1/3rd of the time, just as good.

While I think it's great that Papa John's is trying to be 'convenient' here, I sure hope they don't actually think they'll get new customers (or at least customers that will stick around after the free stuff for ordering from your PS3 is no longer available).

#5 - WdRg - September 16, 2009 // 7:34 pm
WdRg's Avatar
COOL.. I will order pizza soon

#4 - mrgreaper - September 16, 2009 // 12:02 pm
mrgreaper's Avatar
links not on there in the ps3 uk browser homepage (which always looks bad)

the uk browser home page sits in the top middle of the screen (about the quater of the size of the screen all of it is advert for the latest big game (at the mo its bat man) and a list super imposed onto it on the right (playstation 3, games, news,faqs,playstation store)

its very unimagitive but then thats sony eu for you anything the us can do they can ignore

#3 - everglow21 - September 16, 2009 // 8:50 am
everglow21's Avatar
Win a Ps3 slim when u order a Papa John!

lol *talking bout the pic*

#2 - PS4 News - September 16, 2009 // 6:25 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Heh, indeed! Although Pizza Hut isn't my favorite (a local pizzeria is) either, I like it better than Pappa John's.

#1 - ernvil - September 16, 2009 // 6:16 am
ernvil's Avatar
Fail marketing yet again?

Why not go with Pizza Hut instead -_-'