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December 24, 2009 // 10:19 pm - A few weeks ago Ifcaro released Open PS2 Loader v0.5 for PS3, and now the homebrew application for PS3 has been updated to Open PS2 Loader v0.6 complete with source code!

For those unaware, this utility allows for loading PS2 iSO images on PlayStation 3 consoles with PS2 support... meaning it must be a non-Slim PlayStation 3 model with (4) USB ports.

Download: Open PS2 Loader v0.6 for PS3 / Open PS2 Loader v0.6 Source Code

PS3 Open PS2 Loader Changelog v0.6:

• Switched to whole new IOP core
• Changed some compatibility modes effect
• Added compatibility for DVD9 layer1
• Improved overall speed for both SMB/USB
• Support for more embedded NAS devices
• Support for multiple partitions

Open PS2 Loader v0.6 for PS3 with Source Code is Now Available

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#15 - zeromx - December 26, 2009 // 1:43 am
zeromx's Avatar
Would be great if this was available for those consoles that support ps2 as of yet.

-Rep, read before posting. Admin

#14 - Ninjazin - December 25, 2009 // 7:13 pm
Ninjazin's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by AKmania View Post
is it work for all ps2 games title?

I tried the 0.5 version and was amazed how well it ran Shadow of the Colossus.

Keep up the great work guys

#13 - Kraken - December 25, 2009 // 5:53 pm
Kraken's Avatar
Will test on my 80GB (with 4 USBs) when I get home from the holidays, but I don't expect much...

#12 - link2009 - December 25, 2009 // 5:45 pm
link2009's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by blaze1283 View Post
darn to bad it doesnt make them playable on the slim

Precisely, you can get a 'fat' on eBay for the same price as the slim, or sometimes more... bloody hell.

#11 - aries2k6 - December 25, 2009 // 4:40 pm
aries2k6's Avatar
Great work once again. I just tried God of War for the 1st time through usb. Loading times from usb seem a little better too. Now if only we could get network working on the ps3. The games are working with almost no stuttering on the videos.
Like PS3News already stated, the DVD9 Layer 1 support is for DVD9 ps2 titles.

PS2Loader 0.6 doesn't like patched or altered games so anyone using this make sure you leave the game untouched.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone.

#10 - Rami2007 - December 25, 2009 // 3:07 pm
Rami2007's Avatar
thanx for answering guys

-Rep, read before posting. Admin

#9 - AliAsghar1361 - December 25, 2009 // 1:48 pm
AliAsghar1361's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Rami2007 View Post
does it still need swap magic?

Yes ! For Load/Run Program Need To Swap Magic

#8 - Mantagtj - December 25, 2009 // 1:44 pm
Mantagtj's Avatar
yes you still need swapmagic m8.

#7 - Rami2007 - December 25, 2009 // 11:47 am
Rami2007's Avatar
does it still need swap magic?

-Rep, read before posting. Admin

#6 - facelift - December 25, 2009 // 10:52 am
facelift's Avatar
thank you, this program keep getting better and better!