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May 18, 2008 // 2:47 pm - Out of the complete Soul Calibur 4 cast, 31 characters have been revealed like Ivy and Tira, but we thought it was time to list the Soul Calibur 4 characters below that have been confirmed for the upcoming July 29th, 2008, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 fighting game.

Darth Vader and Yoda, characters from the Star Wars universe, are confirmed to be playable guest characters but exclusive to different platforms.

Vader will be on the PS3 and Yoda will be on the Xbox 360, however it was stated in issue 179 of GameInformer magazine that "Namco was nice enough to concede that the second characters may be available for download on the respective consoles at a later date."

Returning characters:
1. Amy
2. Astaroth
3. Cassandra Alexandra
4. Cervantes de Leon
5. Ivy (Isabella Valentine)
6. Kilik
7. Lizardman (Aeon Calcos)
8. Maxi
9. Mitsurugi (Heishiro)
10. Nightmare
11. Raphael Sorel
12. Rock (Nathaniel Adams)
13. Seong Mi-na
14. Setsuka
15. Siegfried Schtauffen
16. Sophitia Alexandra
17. Taki
18. Talim
19. Tira
20. Voldo
21. Xianghua Chai
22. Yoshimitsu
23. Yun-seong
24. Zasalamel

Sith Lord Darth Vader is in Soulcalibur IV on PlayStation 3Jedi Master Yoda is in Soulcalibur IV Xbox 360 version

New characters:
25. Angol Fear (bonus character designed by guest artist Mine Yoshizaki)
26. Ashlotte (bonus character designed by guest artist Oh! great)
27. Darth Vader (Star Wars guest character on the PlayStation 3 version)
28. Hilde(gard) von Krone
29. Scheherazade (bonus character designed by guest artist Yutaka Izubuchi)
30. Shura (bonus character designed by guest artist Hiroya Oku)
31. Yoda (Star Wars guest character on the Xbox 360 version)

On top of all these characters, Namco Bandai's game director Katsutoshi Sasaki has said that Create-a-Character will return from Soul Calibur 3, and will allow customized and created characters to be playable in multiplayer mode (in Special VS online as well).

To see pictures of the characters, visit the link at the top.

Official Soul Calibur 4 Character List revealed!

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#1 - Aeonin - May 19, 2008 // 9:56 pm
Aeonin's Avatar
With all those guest characters (plus more to come) as well as all the official standard characters, I'm fearing that Namco won't have it so balanced when it comes out. Hopefully they'll release patches if it isn't.