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April 15, 2008 // 11:03 pm - For the first time, the line between the Naruto TV animation and gaming will truly disappear.

This is an Exclusive Action Trailer in HD!

Video can be seen below:

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#2 - Aeonin - April 16, 2008 // 3:59 pm
Aeonin's Avatar
I swear, every time I look at this trailer or the screen shots (which look hot as well), I just wish that Street Fighter IV used this graphical style. It rocks and could perfectly capture some of the sweet SF art for 3rd Strike.

That said, I'm not usually interested in Naruto, but I'll definitly rent this sucker.

#1 - vfxraven19 - April 16, 2008 // 3:49 pm
vfxraven19's Avatar
This looks really good, surpasses the Naruto game that came out on the 360. I mean, it looks dead on like the anime.