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October 6, 2008 // 7:59 pm - MTV's Stephen Totilo was once not a huge fan of PlayStation Home, however with more interaction and information with the service his opinions have now changed.

While Totilo has all sorts of of ways to talk to others about Games, for those who haven't found a way to connect with like-minded folk then Home should suit them just fine.

To quote: My impression has been changed. What I hadn't seen or had explained to me when I entered "Home" on my own those few months ago, was the function and helpfulness of the community. "Home" will be pointless if no one's in it, if its central plazas are empty. Buser said they won't even launch "Home" – an event scheduled for this fall – until they meet their goal to "have a kind of community to show people around." The idea is it's all social.

You go to an area of "Uncharted" to find out what people there think of the game or to ask for a hint. Yes, some of us would go to NeoGAF or Metacritic or GameFAQs for that kind of stuff. But perhaps the average PS3 owner wouldn't. For them, perhaps "Home" is the answer to questions they barely knew they had: Where do they go to meet people just like them?

I could see Buser's point about how socially empowering "Home" may be, even if his demonstration barely budged my sense that it will be meaningful "Home" will be for a PS3 user like myself. For a gamer like me who already has ways to talk to other people about games, "Home" still doesn't seem terribly useful.

For all the gamers who haven't found a way to connect to people just like them and would like a comfortable way to do so, "Home" may suit them fine.

MTV's PlayStation Home Impression has Changed for the Better

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#2 - dustinmyles - October 8, 2008 // 1:29 pm
dustinmyles's Avatar
I am a beta tester for HOME and I can tell you that I wasn't really expecting it to be all that great....but WHOA was I impressed! It truly is MORE than a chat application! All I can say is that you should really wait to play around with it before you come to a conclusion...I made that assumption and I was REALLY wrong!!!

#1 - PimpinPlayah - October 7, 2008 // 7:47 pm
PimpinPlayah's Avatar
Personally, I do not think that Home is going to be all that wonderful. I mean, when it comes down to it, it is a glorified chat application. I will, however, try it out as it may hold some potential as far as getting a few friends together in the same game.