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May 28, 2008 // 2:08 pm - User greeny69 over at the GameFAQs message boards managed to snag a copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 two weeks ahead of the game's scheduled June 12 street date.

No one knows how, and we haven't heard reports of any retailers selling the game early.

Either way, this guy has it. And we're jealous.

They have provided some images (including one showing the basic controls) as proof, and say they might provide more details after the soccer game between England and USA.

Metal Gear Solid 4 for PS3 Leaked Two Weeks Early!

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#3 - snazzychazzy - June 4, 2008 // 6:49 pm
snazzychazzy's Avatar
I wonder if they have test ps3s or if they managed to actually get retail versions. I have a test ps3, but I don't have access to the launcher, and...well access to a retail of MGS4. Sounds like I'll be waiting for next Thursday! Can't wait.

#2 - mpstar - May 30, 2008 // 12:33 am
mpstar's Avatar
Must be other people secretly playing it also! lucky people!!

#1 - hurensohn - May 29, 2008 // 11:46 pm
hurensohn's Avatar
lucky guy! would love to play it now... konami should learn from rockstar and the gta4 release! almost nobody was able to get it before release...