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April 14, 2008 // 5:42 pm - The US PlayStation Blog has kicked off its "Metal Gear Mondays" which will be bringing weekly articles about Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and Metal Gear Online packed with news and content including surprise announcements, guest authors, and much more!

This weeks edition HERE has revealed a ton of Metal Gear Online beta details.

Also, you can still get into the BETA without pre-ordering the game and they are giving away Unique Product Voucher Codes to download the Metal Gear Online BETA HERE.

Be quick though as they are in extremely limited quantities.

Metal Gear Online BETA details, codes being given away

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#5 - TehDash - April 15, 2008 // 10:54 pm
TehDash's Avatar
Haha, I now have a Japanese code, an American code and the EU Beta will be free. I completely forgot that we were getting it on Thursday without the need for codes.

#4 - Acidox - April 15, 2008 // 9:32 pm
Acidox's Avatar
European Beta is also out on Thursday, no codes or anything. Just go to the store and download, happy days

#3 - wicked insanity - April 15, 2008 // 7:20 am
wicked insanity's Avatar
I didn't get in either, shame. I wonder if its because it's so close to the release of the beta they aren't taking any more requests.

#2 - VendeTTaa - April 15, 2008 // 6:21 am
VendeTTaa's Avatar
I didnt manage to get in... Perhaps there is a system in place to tracert you back to your country. (I'm coming from Australia)

Oh well, I will just have to hope that EUR one becomes avaliable here also.

#1 - sithvegeta - April 15, 2008 // 1:38 am
sithvegeta's Avatar
Thanks for that! I went to the site, registered, checked my email, and loe-and-behold I got in! Cheers!