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December 11, 2009 // 7:07 pm - SCEA's Marketing Manager Mark Valledor is back with another episode of LittleBigPlanet PS3 - Sack it to Me: The Sackies Edition.

To quote: Welcome to this week's Sack it to Me, featuring tons of new announcements and some goodies from the week that was.

What's New?

After a full year of user-generated content, we're pleased to announce the first annual Sackies, our version of the Sackademy Awards.

The Sackie is the chief award given by the Sackademy of LittleBigPlanet Arts, as decided by a panel of judges from Media Molecule, Sony Computer Entertainment and you, the community.

Head on over to for more details, but over the next few weeks, we'll be awarding several categories, starting with:

"Best Visuals and use of Special Effects in a Level"

The nominees are:

•The Good, the Bad and the Sackboy series by Wexfordian
• The Movies by Teebonesey
• Pixelation 1.0 by JackIsBack999
• Future Warzone II Trailer by Johnee
• Post-Apocalyptic by Anpostteller
• LittleDeadSpace by Darknessbear
• Cause and Effect series by TripleTremelo
• Star Cruiser by CandyK
• The Miracle of Life by Poms

And the Winner is...

•Post-Apocalyptic by Anpostteller!

Sackboy on the Net

LittleBadRomance - shout out to Brian Moreno for his digital homage to one of his favorite songs on the radio. Great stuff, Brian!

New LittleBigCake/Cupcakes! YUM!

Sackboy in the News

- Congrats to Media Molecule/SCE on winning another BAFTA award!

- LittleBigPlanet (PSP) makes CNN's list of "Hot video games for holiday shopping."

For the Weekend...

- LittleBigLand community Crown Competition #2
- LBPmedia's Advent Calendar
- Be sure to download your free Santa DLC before it goes away for the year!

Oh, and get your bathing suits ready...

LittleBigPlanet PS3 - Sack it to Me: The Sackies Edition

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#3 - soulcollecter - December 14, 2009 // 8:23 pm
soulcollecter's Avatar
I think this is a nice idea actually. hopefully this will be an event that's held yearly.

#2 - dud0r - December 14, 2009 // 4:41 pm
dud0r's Avatar
I think it's cool that even though the game is out there for such a long period they still keep interacting with the players and level designers to maintain the comunity, just waiting for some more dlc level wise to enjoy.

#1 - Duvelske - December 14, 2009 // 3:19 pm
Duvelske's Avatar
haha wicked.. will see if i have a good award maybe?