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220w ago - Update: According to the Killzone 3 Single-Player PS3 demo has now been pulled from PSN and is only available to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The Killzone 3 Single-Player PS3 demo is now available to all via PSN, versus only PlayStation Plus Subscribers, using a simple work-around.

To quote from (linked above): "The beauty of it all is that the demo in Hong Kong is the same demo and it's available in English.

By making a false Hong Kong account, you can easily download the demo one week ahead of time and bask in the loving warmth that is the Killzone 3 single-player demo, or you can continue to play the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta and wait the extra week.

As posted by a user on NeoGAF, here are some simple steps to create a Hong Kong account with ease:

How to make a Hong Kong PSN account:

  • First create a new user on your PlayStation 3 (completely over to the left of the XMB menu.)
  • Log off the old user, and log onto the new.
  • Head over to the Playstation Network and select "Sign up for Playstation Network.
  • Select "Hong Kong" as a country and enter a birthday date.
  • Select "Master Account".
  • Press "Accept" at the Terms of Service.
  • Enter an email. Also find a password and security Question.
  • Come up with an online-ID
  • Enter first name and surname (or possibly. Just write something random) and sex.
  • When you get to the address field, enter the following:
  • Street Address 1: 1 Harbour Rd
  • District: Hong Kong
  • City: Wan Chai
  • Country Region: Hong Kong
  • Choose whether you want to enter billing information (could also be done later).

Just wanted to share this and wanted to ask, i am on 3.55 CFW so how can we download it... please don't make ''create a HK PSN'' jokes.

Killzone 3 Single-Player PS3 Demo is Now Available to All via PSN

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#16 - Mbb - 219w ago
Mbb's Avatar
Download the retail game...

#15 - littlelio - 219w ago
littlelio's Avatar
hey i have downloaded the demo pkg file using ps3 proxyserver by grabbing the link.

But now the psn store HK has take the demo off! what can i do now except waiting for it back online?

#14 - X3nophon - 219w ago
X3nophon's Avatar
Yes, I think so. This would be a modified EBOOT.BIN for 3.41, like it is done for GT5 and all those 3.5/3.55 titles. Would anybody with the technical know-how be so kindly to try if it works for the Killzone 3 demo eboot?

#13 - Dazzler53 - 219w ago
Dazzler53's Avatar
Only black screen after a few Move instructions. Can the problem be that I'm on a JB 3.41? If so is there a solution to that?

#12 - thenayr - 220w ago
thenayr's Avatar
Anyone care to share a link to the 3d version of the demo?

#11 - pig098 - 220w ago
pig098's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by residentour View Post
I have CFW 3.55 and demo works fine with and without Move. I got impressed hove playing w/ move is so accurate.

it is... initial setting is really weird, so i had to go to settings and changed a lot.

but once i got settings correct, it got really good.

#10 - residentour - 220w ago
residentour's Avatar
I have CFW 3.55 and demo works fine with and without Move. I got impressed hove playing w/ move is so accurate.

#9 - Dazzler53 - 220w ago
Dazzler53's Avatar
Is the KZ3 SP demo only playable with Move? I see a couple of Move instructions when I start the demo, and after that only a black screen. PS3 freeze. I don't have Move.

#8 - tableturner - 220w ago
tableturner's Avatar
was hoping for just that, thanks for the post/update/demo!

i keep contemplating going back legit just for that stacking game, i think my son and i would enjoy that. but screw it, this will do!

#7 - PS4 News - 220w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by necrovore View Post
Single player demo download would be nice.. Someone with a PS3 online

The KZ3 SP demo link was is now added: