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June 3, 2010 // 9:16 am - SCEE Home Community Lead Alex Weekes has announced today that the Irem Square Japanese Festival has arrived in Sony's PlayStation Home.

To quote: With this week's update we have an eclectic selection of spaces launching!

The hotly anticipated Irem Square makes its entrance. Based upon a traditional Japanese festival, this colourful carnival scene will handsomely reward visitors.

Make sure to visit each stall and play the festival game to pick up a selection of unique items for your avatar and personal space. Make sure to stop by the Irem store stand, where you'll find the first selection of unique Japanese styled clothing.

Been dreaming of the perfect place to hang out in your Big Daddy or Big Sister outfit? Well dream no longer, as we have the answer! Releasing this week in Home Estates is the Rapture Apartment.

Imbued with the atmosphere Bioshock is known for, the space comes complete with special audio and interesting nooks and crannies. To top off your new space, Furniture updates with a variety of Bioshock seating, tables and posters.

Irem Square Japanese Festival Arrives in PlayStation Home

Irem Square Japanese Festival Arrives in PlayStation Home

Irem Square Japanese Festival Arrives in PlayStation Home

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#3 - GrandpaHomer - June 4, 2010 // 1:18 pm
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Yeah, pitty it took over an year to get this space in US and another hlaf to EU, for those with multiply accounts it will be almost of zero interrested anyway.

#2 - Batman3000 - June 3, 2010 // 11:37 pm
Batman3000's Avatar
This space is old, but new to EU HOME.

#1 - LIL935 - June 3, 2010 // 7:08 pm
LIL935's Avatar
Good idea, now we'll know of the even better Japanese tradition in all region at Home playing.