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June 11, 2009 // 10:36 pm - It appears that InFamous has set the standard for new IPs that are exclusive to the PS3 in the US.

Below are some stats, courtesy of VGChartz and NPD, as follows:

• InFamous (May, 2009) - 176K first week
• Resistance (Nov., 2006) - 42K first week
• Motorstorm (March, 2007) - 107K first week
• Warhawk (August, 2007) - 70K first week
• Lair (August, 2007) - 69K first week
• Heavenly Sword (Sept., 2007) - 75K first week
• Uncharted (Nov., 2007) - 32K first week
• Haze (May, 2008) - 91K first week
• LittleBigPlanet (October, 2008) - 110K first week

To quote: Of course, established IPs have sold quite a bit more in their first week. Metal Gear Solid 4 sold upwards of 400,000 units, while established first party IPs such as Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 both sold close to 300,000 units in their debut.

InFamous Becomes Fastest Selling New Exclusive IP on PS3

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#3 - vinizuh - June 12, 2009 // 3:43 pm
vinizuh's Avatar
as if haze got 91k... lol that game was the ugliest game i have ever seen. the thing i hated the most about it was how they jump! looks retarded sounds retarded. just damn terrible.

#2 - sorceror - June 12, 2009 // 3:40 pm
sorceror's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by sharks View Post
No TV ads, nothing big.

A trailer before the opening weekend of Terminator Salvation, and there definitely were TV ads - I almost fell out of my chair when I saw one. No, Sony did a lot more promotion of this one than they usually do.

I'm glad inFamous is getting good sales, it deserves it. Hope it has legs...

#1 - sharks - June 12, 2009 // 2:49 pm
sharks's Avatar
I'm quite surprised with these results for inFamous actually. Let's face it, there was no real hype prior to its release. No TV ads, nothing big. And yet...

I wonder what sales would God of War 3 bring... above 400K?