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March 25, 2011 // 6:49 pm - Today Hulu's Senior Development Lead Daniel Bear has announced that the Hulu Plus version 1.01 update is available for PlayStation 3 users and includes several improvements and bug fixes.

To quote: This morning, we released the latest version of Hulu Plus for the PlayStation 3.

The update improves the quality of the playback experience, specifically addressing issues such as skips, jumps, and stalls that may occur on certain network connections.

You'll be presented with the update (v1.01) the next time you launch the Hulu Plus app on PS3. Improvements in this version include:

• Improvements and fixes for playback issues such as skipping, jumping, and stalling.
• Improved playback reporting to help our team improve the playback experience.
• UI tweaks to compensate for device overscan.
• Added ability for new users to sign up for a Hulu Plus subscription within the application.
• Additional improvements and bug fixes.

Let us know what you think!

Hulu Plus v1.01 Update is Now Available for PlayStation 3

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#4 - pjmiller435 - March 27, 2011 // 4:48 pm
pjmiller435's Avatar
This app honestly sucks when I did the trail when it was first released. I mean it had a lot of TV shows but if you're paying that a month and still getting ads is complete B.S.

Not too mention Netflix is 100% better in every single way and has a better selection. Only thing hulu is good for is maybe to replace cable cuz you can catch a lot of current running seasons on hulu but def. not worth the money, whatsoever.

#3 - Bishoff - March 26, 2011 // 7:05 am
Bishoff's Avatar
you don't want that commercial filled app. Your much better off torrenting your shows and watching them commercial free.

#2 - damox - March 26, 2011 // 2:07 am
damox's Avatar
We can get the PlayTV - I know its not the same thing though. But it is odd that AUS gets one thing, but not another (and by 'another' I mean pretty much everything).

#1 - elser1 - March 26, 2011 // 1:54 am
elser1's Avatar
i wish we could get all these things in australia.. it's so annoying but i guess its a fair price you have to pay to live in the best country in the world..

i mean even xbox has foxtel (pay/cable tv)in aussie.. get with the times sony.