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September 7, 2009 // 12:02 am - Ever since PS3 Firmware 3.0 was released there have been numerous criticisms over it... so many in fact that Sony stated they are aware of the issues and plan to release another update, possibly this week.

One of the complaints we haven't addressed here is the PS3 Startup destination... as of Firmware 3.0 the default one is a 'What's new' page advertising the PS Store.

For those who haven't figured it out on your own yet, below is a brief guide from (linked above) on how to change this.

To quote: "One of the biggest annoyances is that upon start up you are now presented with a 'What's new' page which is advertising the PS Store, instead of launching in the game menu.

Fortunately you can change this by going to the PS3's System settings and changing the option shown in the photo below to off and voila.

You now start up your console at the game screen like before 3.0. Now if only there was some way to sort out that friend's list and large font..."

Guide: How to Change the PS3 Startup Destination

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#4 - 00604 - September 8, 2009 // 6:04 pm
00604's Avatar
I'm having problems with just downloading all together. Since 3.0, everything seems to be broken and stupid. I keep getting booted off the PSN whenever I try to download my new game. ugh.

#3 - SasoR - September 8, 2009 // 7:56 am
SasoR's Avatar
I also don't like new firmware. It is annoying to have Playstation store everywhere on xmb and also "what is new". That mostly because I'm from Slovenia and neither of that works in my country.

Sony - stop making differences of your customers. Our money is as good as others!

#2 - zentsang - September 8, 2009 // 1:59 am
zentsang's Avatar
What really drives me up a wall with the new firmware ... the fading text! If I'm browsing through my videos or music and I pause for even 2 seconds ... all the other file names with the exception of the one I'm on fade away. So you either have to keep moving up and down the list or you can't see the previous or next choices.

Why oh why did they do that??!! If anyone know how to disable this fading ... I would really appreciate the info.

#1 - GameWinner - September 7, 2009 // 4:33 pm
GameWinner's Avatar
what i wanna know is if theres away to bring back the PlayStation 3 thing when you start up a game