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June 22, 2009 // 6:09 am - Although PSN cards have recently debuted in Canada, according to (linked above) in Europe there are still no prepaid cards for the PlayStation Network.

That being said, apparently many people who don't own a credit card can't buy things from the PlayStation Store... unless they follow the guide below, of course.

Note: Before we start this tutorial you should know that the PlayStation Network cards (so you can buy after reading this tutorial) can be used in the U.S. PlayStation Store.

This means that no content from the Store can download. Also, the add-ons that you can store in the U.S. are not compatible with European games.

Use this' trick 'only if you complete a game or PSN game to download from the U.S. Store. You can also use this for example PS One classics and PSP games.

Step 1: Create a U.S. PlayStation Network account.

Step 2: Click on this link:

Step 3: Here you see a registration form. Fill out the information. It is important that you at least fill in your real email address. The rest is not necessarily correct.

Step 4: In the 'country' you should not choose for the Netherlands (otherwise you pay shipping), but for the 'Cards'. This is also in the list. Click it.

Step 5: Enter a password and remember this!

Step 6: Click on continue. Your registration is complete and you've been automatically logged in. Go now to Step 7.

Step 7: Now you must choose a 20 PlayStation Network Card or a PlayStation Network 50 card.

(Tip: In the right menu you see 3 flags are. This is a list you can open. Click on the list and select 'Euro'. As you can see prices in Euros, and you see that it is a good price !)

Step 8: You have one (or more) of these PSN cards, click on 'Add to Card.

Step 9: Click on 'Check Out'

Step 10: Click 'Continue'

Step 11: Select a payment option, choose "PayPal."

Step 12: Click 'Continue'. Your order is confirmed, usually within an hour you will be your PSN card code received in your mail box.

Then you can redeem this code in the U.S. PlayStation Store through the Redeem Code option right at the top of the screen.

When you do this, you can spend the money on games that are available in the U.S. PlayStation Store. Good luck and have fun!

Guide: Buying PSN Cards Without a Credit Card for EU Users

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#2 - PS4 News - June 22, 2009 // 6:59 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Although I haven't done it myself, I would imagine if you used Japanese credentials then you could... but I recall reading that Sony checks/authenticates it so I don't believe you could use EU info to get things from the JP store.

If anyone else can clarify/confirm, it would be appreciated and I will +Rep ya!

#1 - DarkArchon - June 22, 2009 // 6:43 am
DarkArchon's Avatar
Great Guide, i would like to get a few things from the US store myself. Just a question, do you think you could buy things from the JAP store also?