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October 30, 2009 // 11:31 pm - Today God of War 3 PS3 demo voucher codes have began circulating, with numerous people confirming that the download weighs in at a whopping 2.7GB in size.

To quote from (linked above): "SCEE is now sending out mails with promo codes to get the God of War III demo, which is now available.

We're downloading as we type. It's the E3 code. Says so on the splash screen.

It's a 2.7Gb file and it looks as though PSN's having a good old groan at the moment: only 333 minutes to go. The game's out next March."

Did anyone here get it yet? Feel free to reply in the comments below!

God of War 3 Voucher Codes Going Out, PS3 Demo 2.7GB in Size

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#20 - ProSkillz21 - November 4, 2009 // 4:05 am
ProSkillz21's Avatar
Sucks, I got an email from PSN today about the god of war 3 ultimate edition, but no voucher code.

#19 - craig2k9 - November 2, 2009 // 3:23 pm
craig2k9's Avatar
Are these just randomly sent out to people does anyone know... i'm on my ps3 just now i cant read my hotmail messages and i have an email from psn i will let you know.

#18 - y2kkingboy - November 2, 2009 // 12:54 am
y2kkingboy's Avatar
@ med1one
you are totally right. i played through the demo and i thought hmmmm is it me or the demo was not as i expected.

i had some troubles jumping. i think the details could be better in some places, although i don't think it would matter with that amount of action. the camera should be more responsive to the action.

somehow i feel like GOW and GOW2 was a better experience. but let's wait this might be only a glimpse of what they have in mind.

#17 - iCEQB - November 1, 2009 // 9:44 pm
iCEQB's Avatar
Can someone gameshare it?

#16 - hellospaceboy - November 1, 2009 // 5:16 pm
hellospaceboy's Avatar
Played the demo and its amazing, so much action, so much gore, its fantastic!

#15 - med1one - November 1, 2009 // 4:19 pm
med1one's Avatar
i got it here also (EU) ... demo really get a good idea what we can expect but there are some things that i think they should improve (and yes - i know its work in progress demo). As the power of ps3 is huge some things look like were taken strictly from previous god of war.

1. Absorbing of red and green orbs should look better ... the red orbs at this stage looks horrible. Absorbing should look more like some space effect with some blur and nice lightning effects.

2, After ripping the head of Hades (correct me if im wrong) the effect for discovering the door with the head looks horrible for me ... it looks like some kind of poor flashlight effect from ps1. It should have more blur, more lighting effcts (like the hidden door should deflect the lighst from the head when player discovers more and more of the door). The ring looks horrible .... i would exchange it for the full circle with lighting effects like i mentioned before.

3. For me the new styled buttons in action mode (for example when killing the centaur) simply doesnt fit. I dont know why but classic PS styled buttons (like GOF1 and 2) were better for me ...

4. Jump (especialy double jump) looks not so good. I thing if they working on ps3 they sould make it look more like ps3 power not ps2 effect. I dont know maybe some kind of air effect when he double jumps? Or maybe some kind of jumping from knee on a double jump? Maybe couple of brushes around him when he does the second jump .... i dont know but now it looks like strictly taken from ps2 and nothing has changed.

5.Personaly i thing he should be more integrated with the enviroment...i had couple of fail jumps when trying to reach the gap on the wall. I have to be perfect on the jump... Maybe he can grab with one hand or something when he doesnt reach the gap perfectly but still let u grab it and climb it ? That would be nice i think...

Its only my opinion. A love the GoF series. Theres no hate in this word i only want Gof3 to be perfect epic story which we all loved. ANd still the rest of the demo just rocks. I was verry happy to played it.


If u use the code once it wont propably let u use it again (i dont know it i guess it). Gamesharing acc i think its the only option but still it has to be eu acc, and there should be many of purchases and downloads on this acc. Or it should be created long time ago i suppose. Mine was created 3 years ago and i have almost 100 purchases and 500 downloads ... but maybe they just randomly pick up acc and send the codes .. dunno that for sure. Good luck with obtaing the codes everyone ....

#14 - JorgeCLN - November 1, 2009 // 3:54 am
JorgeCLN's Avatar
who can freeme one code for download the demo of God of War 3 !!

#13 - SLADER141 - November 1, 2009 // 3:38 am
SLADER141's Avatar
I did not get it yet.. is it like randomly they just pick someone and they send the codes

#12 - Erra001 - November 1, 2009 // 1:38 am
Erra001's Avatar
Yes, I got it here also.. worked for me! Thanks dude

#11 - XiLE - October 31, 2009 // 10:55 pm
XiLE's Avatar
Nothing for me yet. Anyone know if all of them have been sent or if more are going out tommorow (Sunday)?