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April 15, 2009 // 8:37 pm - PlayStation 3 has certainly kicked it up to high gear in the graphics department this year. First party titles have torn the eyes out of gamer's sockets and fed them back in high definition glory.

Just as soon Sony's Killzone 2 had begun to set a new high water benchmark for console graphics, the gurus over at the Official PlayStation Magazine announced that Sony's killer exclusive; God of War III, will be technically "leaps and bounds beyond anything the PS3 has seen to date."

If that wasn't enough to tent the dungarees of Sony Fanboys across the world, we can add this juicy statement to a long line of exclamations extolling the virtues of Kratos' third and final entry into the award-winning franchise.

Sony Computer Entertainment has previously announced that God of War 3 will use a custom game engine that delivers four times the texture resolution of its predecessor. Industry veteran David Jaffe put his huge walrus balls on the line, exclaiming that God of War III looks 25%-30% better than the HD trailer, stating: "It happened to blow me away and remains the best looking console game I've ever seen."

God of War III, unlike Killzone 2, has a much better lineage than Sony's FPS. Sony however, delivered in spades and gave PS3 owners a title that not only lived up to the hype that surrounded it, but surpassed it.

With a 120-page script, God of War III will run at full 1080p HD resolution, and the game will support Sixaxis tilt and vibration functions. It seems when it comes to graphics front in the console war, the PS3's vengeance is everything.

God of War 3 to Surpass Killzone 2 for PS3 Graphics

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#2 - ultrachez - April 16, 2009 // 4:17 am
ultrachez's Avatar
Not sure if everyone has heard. There is a survey up online for the collectors edition of GOWIII. personally, I would like them to include GOWI and GOWII. along with the game disc. T-shirt or key ring will be awesome.:D

I am pretty excited about this game.

#1 - ernvil - April 16, 2009 // 4:03 am
ernvil's Avatar
ARghhh Im so excited for this game. So are my friends that happen to only own an Xbox 360

They even offered to swap their 360's for my Ps3 so they could play this!