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March 25, 2009 // 8:33 pm - At GDC 2009 PlayStation Home director Jack Buser stated that Sony is planning to launch at least three Home spaces a month.

To quote: "You'll see about three new spaces launched a month - I'll be shocked if we ever go under that number, we have so much in the pipeline," Buser said.

He mentioned that a recent "good space" (we're guessing Resident Evil 5) had a quarter of a million visits a week in the US, with 75 per cent of visitors spending more than 10 minutes there - something that far exceeds consumer's usual involvement with advertising, he argued.

Space devlopment takes four to six months, and Sony has new technology that can't be seen in any space currently in Home, Buser said.

Buser's talk, "Developer opportunities in PlayStation Home", amounted to a sales pitch aimed at developers and publishers.

"Online games consoles have had the concept of the friends list for some time," he said, splitting online friends into two groups - those you meet online, and those you know in real life.

"We noticed at Sony a problem with the friends list with the first group - you don't really know them. We wanted a place, a neutral environment, where players could go and really get to know each other outside of the context of a particular game," said Buser.

"If you look at some of our competition, they really struggle with the idea of community, how to foster a community on their platform. Home is the true community for PlayStation 3," Buser said.

GDC '09: PlayStation Home to Launch Three Spaces a Month

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#1 - mihaiolimpiu - March 26, 2009 // 8:04 am
mihaiolimpiu's Avatar
What's funny is that the space depicted in the picture - PSN showroom - or something was available in Europe... now it's not!

They will add 3 spaces a month or they will remove them.. I don't really understand!

Still with all this content available and there are countries (including mine) that have no access to home or the PS Store... bs if you ask me!