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282w ago - If you own a Sony PS3 console (or any other DivX certified device) then you can claim and download a free DivX movie.

According to greavsie of the official European PlayStation Forums when you register on the official DivX site you are entitled to a free movie download that you can transfer to the PlayStation 3.

To quote: "All you need is to get a DivX VOD Registration Code from your PS3's System Settings and then enter that code on your Web site account.

You will then have to download a small file to play on your PlayStation 3 to activate it for Video-on-demand playback.

Finally, you can now choose what movie you want for free. The selection is small and not great, but the best one is probably Batman Begins. To download the film, you need the latest version of DivX installed on your PC."

Free DivX Movie Download is Available for Sony's PS3 Console!

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#15 - crazyblaxican - 281w ago
crazyblaxican's Avatar
Thanks for the tip! I'm watching my free download of Batman Begins right now.

#14 - MikeMJC - 281w ago
MikeMJC's Avatar
Would have been great, if it were some of the newer titles..!

Maybe I'm going to set it up in the future!

#13 - mazterggedon - 282w ago
mazterggedon's Avatar
good to see divx working that well on a ps3, i hope the compatibility on codec "xvid" be good!!!

#12 - daveribz - 282w ago
daveribz's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by youareoffidiot View Post
Thats really sad about European users. Becouse we still havent just a MovieStore.

This is no way related to the movie store or whatever on the PSN.. Anyone who owns a PS3 with firmware 2.80+ (not sure when Divx-Xvid was added) can use their code to download the movie.

#11 - youareoffidiot - 282w ago
youareoffidiot's Avatar
That's really sad about European users. Becouse we still havent just a MovieStore.

#10 - brent0r - 282w ago
brent0r's Avatar
sounds ok.. it'd be good if it was blu rays

#9 - Poopsqueege - 282w ago
Poopsqueege's Avatar
Free videos, that's awesome. Is there any other legit places online doing the same thing?

#8 - loader187 - 282w ago
loader187's Avatar
I'm never online so I don't really care. However it is always in the fine print that is 700 pages long and they know you won't read it. That's hilarious.

#7 - Chivafighter - 282w ago
Chivafighter's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by openupyourmind View Post
they are (sony mods) reading my personal messages with other people about how to download movies on their ps3s is an invasion of my privacy ... is that like a mental issue to your opinioned thinking process sir?

Dude, when you made a ps3 account, you agreed to this. They have the full right and authority to read your mail via ps3 system (not email of course). Check the user agreement.

#6 - 31ken31 - 282w ago
31ken31's Avatar
Just set mine up.. incredible quality.


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