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October 5, 2008 // 6:48 pm - Just bought a PlayStation 3 console when I read the rumors of a PlayStation 4 coming out soon and all the mind blowing possibilities of the theoretically new console.

I could barely afford the PS3 much less worry about what its going to cost for a PS4. But, based on what Paul Holman (Sony Vice President of Technology) told TechEBlog in 2006, the PS4 will not be out until at least 2010.

Then there's the rumor that the future PS4 will use the same existing cell processor that the current PS3 uses, according to a Japanese tech news site PC Watch. I'm not sure about that because if this rumor does prove to be true, I'd be sorely disappointed.

For the most part, why invest in all these upgrades for the PS3 coming out soon only to purchase a PS4 which as we experienced with the PS3, having limited to no backwards playability again?

They just came out with a PS3 Bluetooth headset for the console, not to mention a possible controller that will function like the controllers of a Wii.

Sony is still upgrading the PS3, and making it more backwards compatible for those of us still clinging to our PS2 to play our favorites.

Forget the PS4 Rumors: PlayStation 3 will Keep Us Busy for Years

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#11 - Distinek - October 14, 2008 // 1:30 pm
Distinek's Avatar
It's hardly news that Sony will be planning a PS4; surely people understand that whenever you buy a new laptop/desktop PC that it will be out of date pretty much straight away & they cost just as much/if not even more than a PS3.

Fashions change, technology gets faster, things move on, it's not a revelation, get used to it! !!

#10 - pastilatony - October 14, 2008 // 1:52 am
pastilatony's Avatar
I paid closer to $600 for my 60gb PS3 though at the time it was more like $650 due to the fluctuating currency (£/$).

If the PS4 launched tomorrow I wouldn't buy it, I have not yet got my monies worth though I suspect LBP will go some way towards appeasing my appetite for a while.

#9 - p00chie - October 10, 2008 // 1:56 pm
p00chie's Avatar
I think it's a good thing to stick with the ps3 for such a long time. The CPU provides a lot of power but the only thing that bothers me is the gpu. It's not realy the best what you can get.

You have a lot of outwashed or just blurried textures, allmost no AA. It's just not enough for me and i would definatly buy a now one as soon its out, just to keep playing. What else can you do if the pc means nothing nothing to the companies.

If you have the ps3 as a htpc there is nothing you can surely stick with it for a long time and still can play games with it. No need to buy a new one.

Don't bother a lot 'cause it's still a lot of time ahead of us until we see a new console be it xbox720 or ps4.

#8 - Bickstar - October 10, 2008 // 10:46 am
Bickstar's Avatar
It's hardly news that Sony will be planning a PS4; surely people understand that whenever you buy a new laptop/desktop PC that it will be out of date pretty much straight away & they cost just as much/if not even more than a PS3.

Fashions change, technology gets faster, things move on, it's not a revelation, get used to it!

#7 - myof - October 8, 2008 // 1:18 am
myof's Avatar
Well, I think whether or not the PS4 comes out in 2011 or not is completely dependant on what the Xbox 3's specs will be. It doesn't hurt for Sony to atleast plan these things far in advance.

The good news is that with twice as much power the ps4 may be able to handle ray-tracing and it might have to considering that the x-box 3 will most likely have DX11 which will support raytracing.

You didn't expect Sony to do nothing as their competitors are releasing consoles, did you? Microsoft and Nintendo have really opened Sony's eyes to how much conpetition they have.

#6 - wiseman - October 7, 2008 // 6:51 am
wiseman's Avatar
I guess PS4 won't lanuch until 2011-2012.

There still years to come. Also, there is still a lot good games and great exclusives coming out for the PS3.

#5 - PeacefulDiscord - October 6, 2008 // 8:31 pm
PeacefulDiscord's Avatar
If the PS4 does use the same Cell processor as the PS3 than there could be a huge possibility that the PS4 will be backwards-compatible. Maybe once this HD frenzy is over and people stop giving a rat's behind, Sony will do what the Wii did and go for a more cost-effective, gameplay rich console rather than the behemoth media centre they have created!

Since the Cell processor technology would have been researched into fully and the cost of manufacturing it becomes significantly low, the PS4 would not be as expensive as the PS3 during launch.

Also, if Sony decides to keep the Blu-Ray drive on the PS4 and if the Blu-Ray technology gets more recognized by the average Joe than that would also cut down costs for the PS4.

My thoughts are that Sony will decide to release the PS4 once the PS3s market rises and becomes saturated... This will insure that they will get a wide fan-base like the PS2 due to cheap price and backwards-compatibility.

I don't know if any of that made sense... My brain is cooked!

#4 - PeRFeCK - October 6, 2008 // 12:17 pm
PeRFeCK's Avatar
I'm not sure that Sony is happy taking a back seat in the current console war. Many say that PS4 may not need to come for a long time, but I think they liked it better launching before MS/Nintendo to get that extra fan base. The 360 launching before the Wii/PS3 really helped it this round, although who knows how big the Xbox360 would have been if they had fixed the RROD problem before launch

#3 - macdumpy - October 6, 2008 // 12:02 pm
macdumpy's Avatar
Not sure why the fuss, except that this is awfully early to start talking about it. They will seriously suffer form the Osbourne effect (

Playstation 1 1995
Playstation 2 2000
Playstation 3 2006

About 5 years for each release. The PS1 sold for 11 years, and the PS2 is still selling. It seems that with 5-year console release cycle, keeping the last-gen for sale until the new gen is released, grants a 10 year cycle to each product. PS4 released in 2011 would give the PS2 a healthy 11 year cycle.

The big difference this time around, for Sony, is that by this time in the PS2/PS1 cycle the consoles were sub-200$, and they had both released with a 299$ USD price tag. The PS3 with a significantly higher price, had garnered higher expectations. Warranted or not.

The PS3 is going to be around for as long as the PS2, and PS1 were. It just won't be the behmoth the other two were. To not get a PS3 becuase of 'a PS4 around the corner' would have applied to the PS1 and PS2.

#2 - Tidusnake666 - October 6, 2008 // 7:41 am
Tidusnake666's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by CyanCaze View Post
Okay Sony... That's bull!! There is no reason to cancel the PS3 it's perfectly fine, Don't release the new one until 2012 at least! I paid $500 USD after going to work constantly trying to save up enough money for the console. And you go and say that?!

The PS2 was $300 at launch if I remember, I believe the PS1 was either $300 or $200 too. So why in gods name, would you release a new console 4 years after your $400-$600 console came out!

Nuh-uh, Isn't going to happen. Because if it does, I will not buy another Sony PlayStation. I'll take 6 years, Even 5 and a half. But I am not going to drop 500 dollars on a 4 year gamin console. (Actually it's more like a 2 year console to me since I just bought mine!)

My thoughts exactly! I was working hard for years to afford cheapest 40Gb version this summer... and... THIS!