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August 16, 2008 // 2:04 pm - According to the upcoming DKS3713 issue of Famitsu magazine, the PlayStation 3 exclusive Final Fantasy XIII demo will clock in at a longer running time than the CGI film, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete.

Currently the original Advent Children film clocks in at a runtime of 101mins; however, the Blu-ray version of the movie will feature scenes that were either cut completely or not finished in time for the initial release, resulting in a significantly longer runtime.

Here is a list of other tidbits revealed from the three-page spread in Famitsu:

-The Final Fantasy XIII demo will be based from the opening section of the game.
-The demo will come on a separate disc rather than on the Advent Children Blu-ray.
- Mr. 33CM's real name is based off of weather as well.
- One of the female characters, refered to as 'Pigtails Girl', has been through some tough times.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete is scheduled for release in March 2009.

Final Fantasy XIII demo to last over two hours

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#12 - dud0r - October 22, 2008 // 11:38 am
dud0r's Avatar
I'm hoping the demo will also hit the store for free download, this way we can all enjoy it

#11 - abeche - October 21, 2008 // 6:54 pm
abeche's Avatar
Final Fantasy series is the best ever.

Im waiting for Dissidia and Agito XIII too.. the only thing i miss is when Final Fantasy were a playstation unique game ;/

#10 - Chrisoldinho - October 8, 2008 // 9:14 am
Chrisoldinho's Avatar
I can't wait for this to arrive in the UK!

#9 - loverboifreak - October 7, 2008 // 7:29 am
loverboifreak's Avatar
wow if this demo is more than two hours than that's great. i will get this demo one way or the other

#8 - PeRFeCK - October 6, 2008 // 12:33 pm
PeRFeCK's Avatar
2 hours? Awesome! March 2009 is definitely for the PS3 - Japanese version only. Squaresoft has said they wont even START working on the Xbox360 version until after the PS3 - Japanese version is 100% complete and ready to ship. This is why there is no Xbox360 version coming to Japan, they can't launch it at the same time that the PS3 version in Japan will.

Also, why would Square nerf the PS3 system's graphics just because they are porting it to X360? I don't see your logic in that...they have no reason to show favortism and make it look the same on both systems.

I wonder how many discs FF13 will span on X360...if its any more than 4 then we are all doomed

#7 - rican199 - October 6, 2008 // 5:43 am
rican199's Avatar
Is march 2009 the release date for Japan release or US? Does anyone know if this will be a turn-based RPG or a full out real-time movement RPG game. Whichever it is I know this game is just going to be the best one out there. Even though this will come out for the Xbox, it won't compare to the PS3 capability.

#6 - sphinx1267 - October 2, 2008 // 3:23 pm
sphinx1267's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Blue0 View Post
I would expect the ability to create a save game so that when it finally comes out I don't have to replay the beginning level again.

Makes one wonder if the demo will contain part of an actual level, and If the demo will start at the beginning of the first level at all?

But it would be a nice feature it the above 2 are true.

#5 - junPS3 - October 2, 2008 // 6:30 am
junPS3's Avatar
final fantasy 13 is going to be scraped at the edges and going to be nerfed a lot. because it MUST fit within a dvd. go gaybox!

developers claiming that PS3 is hard to develop for is just an "excuse to the consumer".

#4 - Warrorar - August 17, 2008 // 3:28 am
Warrorar's Avatar
cant wait to play that game

i hope XIII and Versus XIII are both great.

are there already any information if the demo is also available in europe/usa?

#3 - Blue0 - August 17, 2008 // 2:28 am
Blue0's Avatar
If anything, the demo is going to be played by people who already have this game preordered and love the franchise. If the demo is over 2 hours long, I would expect the ability to create a save game so that when it finally comes out I don't have to replay the beginning level again.

They said that they are making the 360 version of the game after they complete the ps3 version of FF XIII. The 360 version most likely will not effect the ps3 version since they have been developing the game on that platform the entire time.