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FFXIII Showing at E3, Huge Posters in LA and US Release Window

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301w ago - Square Enix members has finally had an update which shows the construction of some huge Final Fantasy XIII advertisements in LA, GTA style.

The posters clearly read "COMING 2010", which was fairly predictable. This also a nod towards an appearance at E3 and according to their post, they have "big things" planned.

To quote: Vanille, Snow, and Lightning from FINAL FANTASY XIII! Oh yes we did. A beauty, isn't it? We've been anxiously waiting for this day for months now, and to watch it finally materialize is a great feeling to say the least.

These photos were taken a few days ago, but it is now completed. If you're in the area, we suggest you go to the corner of S. Figueroa Street and Olympic Boulevard in Downtown Los Angeles, and look up. You really have to see it for yourself.

With E3 right around the corner, it's pedal-to-the-metal mode for us here at Square Enix, which means very late nights (or early mornings, depending on how you see it) and more fast food than you can imagine. There are some big things planned for you, so we're all excited about this year's E3. We've got a great lineup of products to show and word in the office is that our booth will be quite the sight.

No, I take that back. It's going to be AWESOME. It's a shame that we won't be able to share it with all of you, but if you're in the Los Angeles area, you definitely have to come check us out. From familiar heroes to new villains, soul-absorbing books to majestic keys, and floating cities to devilish towers, there's something for everyone. It's a good time to be a fan.

Anyway, that's all we can share with you today. We look forward to seeing you at E3! And be sure to check out MEMBERS during the first week of June. We'll keep you close to all the action.

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#6 - Jacob5539 - 300w ago
Jacob5539's Avatar
I can't wait for a new Final Fantasy game either.

#5 - hadikur - 301w ago
hadikur's Avatar
can't wait to play the latest final fantasy, but is that still a good ff game?

#4 - sivallakos - 301w ago
sivallakos's Avatar
yeah that must be it a misprint. ok seriously do you imagine the cost of not only printing the posters but the rent they paid to put them up there. its like buying 500 ps3 or somethin'

#3 - ernvil - 301w ago
ernvil's Avatar
Oh i wish that was just a misprint =[

Maybe its actually suppose to be 2009?

#2 - shummyr - 301w ago
shummyr's Avatar
this is so freakin awesome i cant wait either

#1 - nafeasonto - 301w ago
nafeasonto's Avatar
Yipeee, 2010. I can't wait!


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