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376w ago - ThreeSpeech have posted up some screenshots to show of the beauty of the Ferrari F1 car in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

To quote: As some of you may have heard the Ferrari F1 2007 car is to be featured in GT5 Prologue, which gives us a fantastic excuse to publish lots of beautiful screens of the car in action. Click HERE for more.

Produced under license of Ferrari Spa. FERRARI, the PRANCING HORSE device, all associated logos and distinctive designs are trademarks of Ferrari Spa. The body design of the Ferrari cars are protected as Ferrari property under design, trademark and trademark dress regulations.

Ferrari F1 Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Screenshots

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#8 - fireman50 - 375w ago
fireman50's Avatar
Can't wait for this, already got mine preordered.

#7 - dre9277 - 376w ago
dre9277's Avatar
Been waitin for the English version this kicks Forza's ass any day. Can't keep playing Japanese version cause u can't hook up the cars.

#6 - joetje - 376w ago
joetje's Avatar
wow! great looking screenshot, though I have to agree with wicked insanity, the cars look a bit cartoony

#5 - wicked insanity - 376w ago
wicked insanity's Avatar
Them images look real pretty but somehow you can still tell its CG and almost cartoony, they look superimposed onto the background even though I know they're not, but they're just missing something. But, still good anyway, but I dont think I'll get the game, I've never really been into the series before.

#4 - broy4686 - 376w ago
broy4686's Avatar
they look good. on digg, theres a link for the ferarri real vs gt5 comparison screen shots. They look amazing, but not quite photo realistic. I'm saying by gt6, it will be photo realistic.

#3 - Da Mafia - 376w ago
Da Mafia's Avatar
That does look amazing. Only 10 days to go.

#2 - darksector26 - 376w ago
darksector26's Avatar
add this to what may be another great PS3 exclusive coming this year

#1 - bigol - 376w ago
bigol's Avatar
Those screenshot are really amazing!

It's no surprise that GT5 Prologue pre order reached 1 million.