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325w ago - To quote, courtesy of Slashdot (linked above) today: The PlayStation 3 has recently seen an explosion of releases of emulators and games for the Yellow Dog Linux distro on Sony's PS3 console.

Once you have installed Yellow Dog Linux you then have the ability to try out numerous applications and emulators including MAME, SNES, Amiga, Dos, Commodore and Atari emulators (that's the tip of the iceberg) and such games as Quake 2, Duke Nukem 3D, Hexen 2 and Alephone.

Some direct-download links are below, and be sure to check ps3bodega61's Directory List Page, App/Emu Group and Games Group for lots more!

Here are direct downloads links to some of them for those interested:


Quake 2:

68k Macintosh Emulator:

Power Macintosh Emulator:


Atari 800:

Atari 2600:


Duke 3D:


Hexen 2:



Emulation Explosion on Sony's PS3 Console via Linux!

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#7 - MrWiggles - 325w ago
MrWiggles's Avatar
I've been running a lot of games and emu's on my YDL 6.1 w/Fluxbox with out much problems. Go to the official YDL forums or ps3bodega forums. There are a lot of helpful Linux users there to help you out.

#6 - BluEvo - 325w ago
BluEvo's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by TopDogElec View Post
It's possible. I did it with my PS3 but honestly I cannot remember the emulator that I used. I believe it was Mupen64 or Mupen64Plus.

Sony put out a patch so that the PS3 in Linux can no longer access the RSX (the PS3s GPU) therefore its no longer possible. But I dont remember it being possible in the first place but tbh I didnt really look into N64 emulation.

Back to the topic: This is really nice, I'll have to check these out once I have YDL

#5 - B4rtj4h - 325w ago
B4rtj4h's Avatar
Thnx love Duke Nukem on my PS3

#4 - mihaiolimpiu - 325w ago
mihaiolimpiu's Avatar
Using Snes GTK 1.51 games are very playable 25-30FPS even in 720p fullscreen! Just change your emulator!

#3 - Scrapy - 325w ago
Scrapy's Avatar
n64 even playable?

i can barely get snes to run at a decent frame-rate, i couldn't imagine n64. not without access to the gpu

#2 - TopDogElec - 325w ago
TopDogElec's Avatar
It's possible. I did it with my PS3 but honestly I cannot remember the emulator that I used. I believe it was Mupen64 or Mupen64Plus.

#1 - GZA1984 - 325w ago
GZA1984's Avatar
What about N64 emulators?
I'm still looking forward to be able to play Oarina Of time. And if possible with the sixaxis controller