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July 15, 2008 // 8:37 pm - Sony's Jack Tretton announced today the initial lineup of Greatest Hits titles for PlayStation 3.

Scheduled to launch later this year, the roster includes:

- Resistance: Fall of Man
- MotorStorm
- Warhawk
- Call of Duty 3
- Fight Night
- Need for Speed: Carbon
- Rainbow Six Vegas, Assassin's Creed
- Oblivion
- Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

Each title will cost $29.99. Jack Tretton revealed today that Little Big Planet will be released sometime in October 2008.

E3 2008: PS3 Greatest Hits Announced, Little Big Planet Detailed

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#2 - mrmiller24 - July 28, 2008 // 10:52 am
mrmiller24's Avatar
does anyone know when the greatest hits will come to the UK?

#1 - Sakagarai - July 21, 2008 // 8:22 am
Sakagarai's Avatar
I was very happy to hear about this, there were some games I missed and being able to buy them cheaper now is a big help. Especially Motorstorm.