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September 22, 2008 // 6:15 pm - A 45 nanometer cell processor was first realized earlier this year, and Sony plans to include it in the PlayStation 3 sometime during 2009.

Well, how does this affect you? By creating a smaller chip, Sony circumvents some costs associated with creating the Cell, and a cheaper production price equates to more leeway for a potential PS3 price cut.

Additionally, by reducing the size of the chip from 65nm to 45nm, power consumption decreases by approximately 40%. When less power is consumed, less heat is generated, and a slimmer console -- like the slimline PS2 -- suddenly becomes a possibility.

We'll continue to provide the big picture on the Cell processor in the future -- no matter how small it gets.

Cell Processor to Shrink, Size and Price of PS3 to Follow?

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#3 - pharmboy - September 24, 2008 // 9:17 pm
pharmboy's Avatar
doubt the 3.5 but would like to see less heat!

#2 - slammy - September 24, 2008 // 2:47 pm
slammy's Avatar
It's down $500 here for a 80gb since I bought it. So in less than a year it's pretty close to half off.

Smaller chip and less heat, maybe more space to add a 3.5" sata disc instead of the 2.5" one..

#1 - I ZiZo I - September 23, 2008 // 3:30 am
I ZiZo I's Avatar
i think sony need price cut very bad... and they will.