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July 19, 2009 // 8:18 am - According to GamersDigest (linked above), the Coral Sea and the Air Superiority mode has finally been unlocked for the PS3 version of Battlefield 1943.

XBox 360 players had unlocked it earlier in the week as they reached the target figure of 43 million kills that was set by EA Dice, but PS3 players can now also enjoy the fourth map.

The demo timer has also been reset, meaning if you've downloaded the demo and expired the allotted 30 minutes of time, there will be another 30 waiting for you when you sign back in.

To quote: GamersDigest can confirm that Coral Sea and the 'Air Superiority' mode has finally been unlocked for the PS3 version of Battlefield 1943, with 360 players having unlocked it earlier on in the week.

To play the new map and mode, look at the last option on the menu, select it just like you would select 'Quick Match' and get ready for pure dogfighting.

Battlefield 1943 Bonus Map Unlocked on PS3, Demo Timer Reset

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#4 - hal9xxx - July 20, 2009 // 11:21 am
hal9xxx's Avatar
Does it unlock the full version that DL'ed from PS Store?

#3 - Ryude - July 20, 2009 // 4:57 am
Ryude's Avatar

but like chiva say it's too basic, give us something more interesting

#2 - Chivafighter - July 19, 2009 // 11:25 pm
Chivafighter's Avatar
its alright, but too basic. i thought it would be more variety of team attacks and such. but its ok.

At least we unlocked it though

#1 - semitope - July 19, 2009 // 9:06 am
semitope's Avatar
The fact that this is not part of the regular map rotation means you chose to play it of 3 other better maps... I think i will rarely play this.