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October 8, 2007 // 9:15 pm - Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells has said that Uncharted: Drake's Fortune will probably be released here in early December, with a demo due out before launch.

Speaking on the comments section of his latest official Sony blog update, Wells wrote: "In regards to the UK release date, I believe its December 7th. We're doing simultaneous localisation in 13 languages...and should be released in all territories within 3 weeks of each other."

In answer to queries about the demo, he said: "Yes, we will be creating a downloadable demo for the PSN. We don't have a final date on when it will be up, but it will be before our release date." By that he presumably means the US release date of 20th November.

Even more heart-lifting was one of Wells' later comments, where he thanked everyone for chipping in to the discussion before explaining that - having read arguments about including 1080i support - the team had gone away and added it on top of the native 720p support. "[I]t was brought to my attention the number of people who had HDTVs but would not be able to experience Uncharted in high-def," he told the audience. "So we immediately went to work and I'm pleased to announce here, for the first time, that we have now implemented 1080 support!" He went on to say that the game runs at 30 frames-per-second.

Uncharted date, demo chatter

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