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December 26, 2007 // 10:34 pm - No kidding... $500 for a phone book at a Thousand Oaks EB Games.

Imagine tearing into a holiday present to find a PlayStation 3 box... with a phone book sealed inside! That's what happened to 13-year-old Brandon Burns Christmas morning.

He says he laughed about it when it happened. His parents... not so much, since they spent $500 for the PS3. According to a spokesperson for the store involved, the matter has since been resolved.

Video can be seen here!

Teen Opens PlayStation 3 Box, Finds Phone Book Inside!

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#2 - ogsa - January 6, 2008 // 4:56 pm
ogsa's Avatar
if it wasn't christmas day i'd have used that phonebook to get EB's number asap

#1 - Siptang - December 27, 2007 // 6:16 am
Siptang's Avatar
man.. i would be crappin bricks and raising hell...