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September 2, 2007 // 11:31 pm - Nathan Hull writes that PS3 could actually be beneficial to your child, teaching them various aspects of life and not just acting as a mindless pastime. Hull argues that RPG's can teach children various lessons about social interaction and certain titles may spark up a strong interest in history. He concludes that the PS3 can provide a child with much more than just entertainment and shouldn't be dismissed by parents.

To quote from part of the article: Video games can increase a child's interest in new things. Video games can open a child up to developing an interest in new things. For example, say your child is playing a video game where they get to become part of an ancient Greek civilization.

This could not only lead them to become more interested in world history, but also mythology as well should the Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus play a part in the game.

Developing new interests can make a child feel more confident about themselves and can help them make new friends as your child will likely want to seek out other children who share their newfound interest.

So while most experts and parents alike are in agreement that video game play should be a limited pastime, the next time your child shows an interest in playing, don't be so quick to dismiss them since buying a Playstation 3 can end up providing your child with much more than a means of entertainment.

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