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September 12, 2007 // 3:29 pm - Hermes, the Spanish homebrew creator behind the likes of PS2Reality Mediaplayer and Guitarfun for the PS2 has released a new loader for PS3 that will allow you to load PS2 homebrew. There are certain tools needed such as firmware greater than v1.90, Swap Magic and some BIOS files. However, for the moment it seems to execute only Guitarfan and Mediplayer PS2 homebrew, but it's good start all the same.

Download: PSXLoader

Tools Needed Fw > 1.90 + Swap Magic > 3.6 & some files from PS2 Bios.

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#14 - supra22 - September 17, 2007 // 5:51 pm
supra22's Avatar
Just tried this method and it works! nice!; however i have a theory. What if you were to connect a external usb hdd to the ps3 and put all the files from a ps2 game in the SWAPMAGIC folder (Bin, data, irx) and re-name the SLUS/SLES file to SMBOOT0.ELF; edit the SYSTEM.CNF so that it will boot from the external usb hdd instead of the disk. That way when you load the SMBOOT.ELF (SLES file) with SwapMagic it will load from the external hdd rather than the disk.

You could maybe even replace the SwapMagic disk with a real ps2 game with a similar toc size as the game that is being booted from the external usb hdd so that it will bypass the disk check..maybe?

I would try this myslef but i dont know how to edit the system.cnf correctly plus its just a random theory i dont know much about this; so sorry if i am talking rubbish!

#13 - aries2k6 - September 15, 2007 // 10:15 pm
aries2k6's Avatar
I'm pretty positive it does.

Since you brought it up I'going to share some info I've been holding on to. Now it's already been known that launch.elf and ulanch.elf work, and that you can use the method you described to launch original ps2 games. Not much use for you guys with the EE chip but us pal systems have a backwards compatibility check. using this tecnique lets you BYPASS the backwards compatibilty check. So everyone can decide if the game is compatible or not. do your own beta testing, lol I wish I had known when I still had 1.5 because SM 3.8 coder cd worked.

Method to bypass Backward Compatibility check.

If you have SM 3.8
Name the SLUS file to SMBOOT0.ELF and put it in a folder called SWAPMAGIC in the root of your pendrive. Put the pen in one of the 1st 2 usb slots and start swapmagic. once it loads go to smboot in the menu. hit eject and switch with the original. it will load bypassing the check.

SM 3.6 plus
samething as above but since sm 3.6 dosn't have the boot option in the menu you have to hit the hotkeys.
Once SM has booted up and you have switched with the original hit D-Pad (UP) and L1

you could also boot launchelf or ulaunch.elf 1st and then boot up the game. Now this doesn't mean all games are playable (there's a reason it's not on the BC list) but it will pass the check.

#12 - aries2k6 - September 14, 2007 // 7:30 pm
aries2k6's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Keyonn View Post
if u ask me ELF is like the SLUS on a disc get it to load ps2menu then pop the burnt ps2 game in go to the CD thru psmenu and click on the SLUS file and it might work i used to do it with the dvdrips with no mod and funny enough it would load but freeze cuz the 80minute crap i posted this a while back.

Doesn't work. PS2menu doesn't load but even if it did it wouldn't recognize the backup after you hit the eject button. We can already run some ps2 elfs with swapmagic but this is attempting to get other ps2 homebrew to work, that's not working on the ps3.

#11 - stinkyspy - September 14, 2007 // 4:22 pm
stinkyspy's Avatar
Is there anyone who knows much about the PS2 side of the PS3, e.g. does the PS3 emulate PS2 (hardware/software), is there access to the gpu/kernal/xmb, how this guy has got this running (technically) and if it will possibly lead to anything?

#10 - Duff Man - September 14, 2007 // 10:33 am
Duff Man's Avatar
look, now i'm no super genius (or are i?) but aren't we all forgetting the old xbox? that had the ability to boot games that weren't iso's - they were the folders, now i know this is a whole different set up with the ps3 but shouldn't we be looking down that road? extract the iso's with brdgen and then copy the folder into the /games/ folder? i'm just thinking out loud, i don't know how to do it but then we would get past the file size limit problem....

just thinking out loud....

Duff Man

#9 - tastyratz - September 13, 2007 // 12:34 pm
tastyratz's Avatar
the ps2 will recognize an external drive technically thats a larger size with usb advance. What we need is someone to get this exploit to work with the usb advance/hd extreme disk and it communicates with the drive someway on its own.

#8 - pockets69 - September 13, 2007 // 11:50 am
pockets69's Avatar
what is happening is that we can now boot unsigned ELFs but we are not in kernel mode and i don't think with this type of "hack" we will have kernel acess.

But Maybe, with what has been found we can somehow find a way to gain acess to kernel mode, only time (and hackers) will tell.

#7 - iCEQB - September 13, 2007 // 9:58 am
iCEQB's Avatar
isn't this exactly what we needed? so isn't it possible to exploit the PS3 in someway now?

#6 - pockets69 - September 13, 2007 // 7:44 am
pockets69's Avatar
No, it is impossible the only way we could have a Backup on the hard drive is with a NTFS Formated HD, but the ps3 only Recognises FAT32 (in XMB) wich is limited to 4GiB and 2Gib under linux without LFS.

So either we have a major breakthrough and find a real exploit, so that we can modify the system in a way to be able to modify wich filesystem the machine reads, or we could come with some kind of firmware hack simmilar to the XBOX360.

#5 - fmalheiro - September 13, 2007 // 3:13 am
fmalheiro's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by pockets69 View Post
it Would be cool wouldn it. But i dont see it happen because the ps3 can't "understand" the format type that hd loader does to the Hard disk, so i think it won't happen.

I know, but not using the internal hard drive.

IF the loader load it wil read the external drive and reconized the drive.