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January 14, 2008 // 2:21 pm - For UK-based gaming fans not yet swayed by the considerable lure of Sony's PlayStation 3 console, a brand new hardware and software bundle might yet be the catalyst for change - not least in established Xbox followers unwilling to share their platform allegiance in light of Sony's upper tier pricing.

Specifically, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has this week rolled the covers off what appears (at first glance) to be a rather tempting 'Pick N Mix' retail deal that will see UK consumers able to snaffle the PlayStation 3 and two games for a total price of £349.99 GBP.

While that might not seem like much of a deal, its worth becomes somewhat clearer when factoring in that the games on offer are first-party titles, not shoehorned third-party also-rans bundled in for little more reason than shifting dusty and unwanted stock.

Sony says the offer will launch this coming Friday (January 18) and will run until further notice, with the games open for selection being as follows: Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Formula 1, Lair, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, and SingStar PS3 (with microphone peripherals), Motorstorm, Resistance: Fall of Man, Folklore, Warhawk (with accompanying headset, and Genji: Days of the Blade.

However, The current (Amazon) GBP price of the 40GB PlayStation 3 is £279.99, with the likes of deal leaders Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune both available for £35 GBP each - a total of, yes, you guessed it £349.99 GBP.

The deal starts to pale somewhat when assessing the prices of other titles on the Pick N Mix list, with Lair priced at £33 GBP, while Resistance: Fall of Man, Folklore and Motorstorm come in at £28 GBP.

Only Warhawk (with headset) and Formula 1 are priced at a point that could save a few pounds - £38 GBP and £36.50 GBP respectively - if chosen by eager consumers - while SingStar PS3 with a pair of microphones comes in at a penny under £40 GBP.

Not much of a deal after all, eh.

PS3 'Pick N Mix' deal is no deal at all

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#1 - failiure - January 16, 2008 // 4:13 pm
failiure's Avatar
No 'pick & mix' deal is a good deal, wheather it's M$, $ony or any other company. Imo they are only trying to get rid the crap that won't sell