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November 18, 2007 // 9:56 pm - With the release of Assassins Creed marred by tasteless Jade Raymond jokes, glitches, freezing and a "white screen of death" , PS3 and Xbox 360 owners are up in arms. It has been noted that many of those who have encountered issues are using the 2.0 firmware, causing many users to hold off on the current update. As of now, Ubisoft Official Forum managers are urging its forum give them as much information as possible so that these problems may be resolved. Within the very same time-frame, the official Playstation Blog has let word out that a 2.01 update is on the horizon.

A 2.01 update so soon after the big 2.0 seems rather strange. The only detail mentioned in the blog post is that the coming update will be "a minor update that will improve the stability of PLAYSTATION 3." The key word definitely being stability. This is why, I am of the opinion that this coming update directly addresses the technical issues with Assassins Creed, similar to the updates that did some tweaking on Warhawk and Lair. Hopefully this will get resolved quickly cause my pre-order just shipped.

PS3 Firmware 2.01 = Assassins Creed fix?

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#2 - beefdongle - November 20, 2007 // 3:51 am
beefdongle's Avatar
Hmm. The changes from 2.00 to 2.01 weren't displayed after I updated. I may have missed it since I was in the bathroom while it was updating but I doubt it. Anyone else have any info? My roommate has Assassins Creed so once he updates his PS3 hopefully he'll notice if the glitches are fixed.

#1 - beefdongle - November 20, 2007 // 3:40 am
beefdongle's Avatar
Update 2.01 is up now via System Update on the PS3. Will post fixes shortly.