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October 15, 2007 // 5:10 pm - The Official Playstation Magazine in the UK had the pleasure of recently jetting off to Amsterdam to get a world exclusive hands on with the hotly anticipated Killzone 2. Obviously as one might expect, after some time with the creators and the game itself, the OPM writers were left amazed and remarking that Killzone 2 is a 'notch ahead' of anything else being done on consoles at the moment, which is ultimately a very good thing for PS3 owners.

OPM go on to discuss the visual impact of Killzone 2 saying that even with a inhospitable and colour drained setting the graphical trickery the PS3 is capable of lets the game shine and come alive with incredible detail and dynamic lighting.

Official Playstation Magazine: Killzone 2 is ahead of anything on consoles

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